Manuel Ignacio Mier Aguirre, Jr.

For now and ever on keeping nuclear disarmament,equality, regulation of A.I., restriction of augmented and virtual reality to entertainment, education, job, military, and physical training be it for sport or recuperation/teaching of fine motor ability to patients suffering from lack of such, and never as an additional tool for the powers that be to subvert the narrative neither at an individual level through the abuse of implants, nor at a societal level should our idiocy lead us to even come to find such appealing after we’ve destroyed the world, may it not come to be so, fluid sexuality theory and the tolerance of an individuals self-identified gender/sexual preference, recognition of the presence of heavy metals in our environment in addition to climate change, and sticking it to the man, even if he is sometimes woman, in-vogue despite being the furthest thing from vogue.

Secular Taoist. Gamer. Mexican. Post-Structuralist. Socialist. Pacifist. Violence should never be taken as an offensive option, as violence only provokes further violence, but if it comes to be, let it be only as a last resort in self-defense or the defense of others lives and well-being when such are directly being threatened by a visibly armed aggressor. Never be the aggressor, do not perpetuate or become complicit in the perpetual hate machine.

Aspiring video game designer, software developer, science-fiction, historical fiction, and romance author. Aspiring Sikh practitioner. Anti-war activist, blogger, artist, and English as well as Spanish tutor.

Orgulloso hijo de dos chingadas.

You are destiny.

Think for yourself.

And Scorpio. And while I do not believe in astrology, I accept my identity as a Scorpio as one willing to go to the most extremes of extremes so as to simply make a point. And therefore, a satirist.

Face/Sammie Adept


Of House Marik, upholding the ideals of the Free Worlds League.

Atheist and paranoid schizophrenic who sees too much in all of your symbols.

r/mexico’s most hated pacifist nonconformist anti-citizen.

Y usualmente heterosexual. Pero si tienes una barba para rascar la mia, eres maso de mi estatura o mas alto, y tambien sufres de un odio por el reggaeton y pop moderno Americano, y ademas te gustan los videojuegos violentos con excepcion de Call of Duty, cual es una basura de franquicia, a veces me sale lo bisexual/bicurioso.

“The future ain’t set, and the end is always near.”

Mind Control

You can brainwash yourself. We do it passively all the time. You can use symbolism, much like capitalist system does, for good or bad, to empower, or to deceive and debilitate. It is easier for those raised religious, even when they adopt Atheism such as myself. You can study Buddhist, and ancient religions such asContinue reading “Mind Control”

My Ire With The United Nations

United Nations interventionism as a thing should be eliminated, blue helmet ‘peace keepers’ retired or assimilated back into their home country’s armed forces. United Nations refugee camps are often a hotbed for religious indoctrination, where little save for religious institutions seeking impoverished recruits with no other options left, undergo that formation, only to instigate religiousContinue reading “My Ire With The United Nations”

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