On ‘rape culture’ of Latin America and perhaps beyond

Neither men nor women have their cases investigated without bribery in many cases. Even when they do, even for a crime as vicious as rape, evidence can get destroyed in the hands of some police departments in collusion with corrupt officials or criminals themselves shielded by money. As happened to an ex-girlfriend of mine, plentiful evidence suddenly gone before revision in court. The rape committed against her apparently her fault for daring to drink alcohol, witnesses coerced by threat or bribe and friends of the rapist prior to the rape anyway, a rapist who suffered no charge and that wonderful woman was forced to share a campus with him since the university administration wouldn’t do a thing either thanks to his well-connected father. Even with alleged Amnesty International interference, nothing was done but a gag order placed on her. But not on me, scumbags.

Forced to share a campus with him, I had to deal with her seemingly unending bawling into my soaked shirt after she had to leave in a panic attack after he’d thrust upon her a gift on her birthday claiming, ‘I know what you like’ mockingly to her. When I’d had much better plans for how we might have spent that evening.

Women suffer the double attack of a shitty hyper-masculine culture some uphold unfortunately many of those in-power permissive of rape casting blame upon them for the crime committed against them. The usual, it was the way she dressed and how she was, she used drugs or alcohol, was not a good chaste Christian girl, etc.

While men suffer social shaming even when victims with claims they must have also been criminals and therefore deserved it, whether or not they ever had any links to crime. Including falsified or edited evidence if need-be, facilitated by hacking and telecommunications interference that has been a staple of Latin American organized crime since the days of the Cali Cartel’s quick adoption of new telecommunications technology in the 80s. The Cali Cartel acting more subtly and even playing other crime syndicates and law enforcement against each other thanks to both its quickly-learned adeptness at hacking and interfering communications and their less hyper-masculine more socially liberal stance allowing them to adopt and propel to power among their ranks women and LGBTQ persons, which were otherwise persecuted by the other criminal organizations and society at-large.

As happened to me recently, for daring to write things truthfully that happened to me or I’ve heard said here in Mexico, a criminal group recently threatened me claiming I have some sin to profess to and foolishly letting me know they’d torture me for it, likely until admitting to some false crime or one committed by someone aligned to their interests to cleanse their hands with me. Or perhaps it was persecution for being a liberal Atheist.

Whatever it may be, I’ve been too long thirsting to see the blood of true criminals or for my own to be shed fighting them to die a just and innocent man before ever sullying my name becoming complicit to violent crime. So to be threatened with ‘plomo’ only for the cowards pathetically not following up on it, well, I suppose I’m disappointed and I’ll keep waiting. Thought the old adage was ‘plomo o plata,’ so use the plomo or offer plata already if you want me to shut-up. I think they may have brought me to reconsidering the idea of joining the Mexican Army wishing to slay the criminals that taint this nation and its image, I think I shall if my university education is once-more interrupted by their foolishness or upon completion lacking a fulfilling path or better opportunity else-where where I could also benefit my nation, given I’ll be just before the end of the minimum age to enlist following university.

Do Revolutions Begin From The Top Or From The Bottom?

And must they always be violent? Or could a peaceful revolt enact more lasting change?

Considering the revolutions of the Americas, it could very well have been a mix. Clearly better-educated people of higher class helped mobilize and connect the frustrated people lower on the socioeconomic scale, as well as used their connections to secure support and assistance they could not have otherwise. Usually the property owners and rich have better education and wider social networks with which to spread and share ideas, as well as know of issues elsewhere even if just a state over. Though the poor can also spread secrets and ideas among themselves when congregating to rest off work hours, they often don’t get the same freedom in energy driven to education to theorize in the same way when instead they seek rest and entertainment from stressful work and thought. Nor freedom from work to maintain their lives to instead travel abroad like the work of the elite often requires, nor freely visit their neighboring states to connect with other poor in most cases. Transportation labor such as dockworkers, horseback postal and transport riders, seamen of merchant ships both universally sanctioned and pirate as well as their military naval colleagues at sea aside, most workers of the lower socioeconomic classes were restricted to the area they were born or where they came to work in.

Books aside from the bible often out of access to the poor, lacking the time and freedom to know of them. Least of all to read them with a mind free from the stresses of tomorrow required to maintain self and family with little income which when freed may facilitate reading more books and analyzing them more thoroughly. Won’t add my bit here concerning the American revolution, but clearly George Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Franklin and co. were educated lovers of Re-enlightenment and Greek philosophy. Perhaps also Christianity inspired as some claim influenced. I know some push the Christian basis more heavily than their evident philosophical influence in action when faced with the circumstances of rule from abroad conflicting with the interests of local elite and the human rights of the American colonists. Still, some local elite were more favored by English rule and likewise influenced those beneath them to think positively of continued English leadership.

While Benjamin Franklin still is renowned for being a brilliant and groundbreaking scientist for his work studying electricity using lightning rods and a claimed incident where-in he electrocuted himself purposefully flying a kite during a lightning storm. As well as a bit of a playboy with European women on his trips abroad according to some speculation claiming him to perhaps seal the deal for French support courting the eager attention of French noblewomen socialites key to popularity among French social circles such as Countess d’Houdetot, Duchess de La Rochefoucauld, whom were often found speaking of politics and philosophy beside him in-public, and Madame Brillon though married he’d later claim to have been strictly exchanging love letters with, ultimately later proposing himself to a Frenchwoman known as Madame Helvétius. Surprisingly simply googling ‘Benjamin Franklin and French Women’ turned to be a fruitful search detailing his known relationships to popular French women of the time. Franklin’s trips abroad integral to fortifying a relationship with the French already in-competition against the English. France would then assist the revolution with their naval support and a German mercenary would also travel to the Americas to help train troops. While other German mercenaries were contracted by the English to help quell the revolt. If I remember correctly Washington’s winter crossing of frigid Delaware river wildlands had the objective of sneaking up on a German mercenary forward operating base to defeat them with the advantage of surprise. Allegedly indigenous peoples fought on both sides. Any that may have sided with the English likely promised that they would keep the Americans from extending beyond a coastline where Great Britain could more easily control them.

Paul Revere, a silversmith by trade prior to the war, assisted the efforts crafting one of the budding United States first spy rings, a covert intelligence network, to share secrets across the colonies and attempt to retrieve them from overseas in England. He himself would commit the equivalent of corporate espionage visiting a gun powder mill that refused to freely support the revolution, again refusing him the plans and knowledge to build one but he with his own eyes upon visiting the plant learned enough to repeat the building of it. He would also create the famed midnight riders to scour the coastline for invading British ships and sound the alarms across towns, this effort ultimately being summed up in the tale of ‘Paul Revere’s Midnight Ride,’ an American folktale attributing their efforts to him.

The Mexican revolution of the 1910s was much like that. Though also a representation of the frustration some poorer mostly indigenous farmers felt, the land owners living on haciendas with more direct contact with the workers than most urban dwellers would come to sympathize with them and lead the revolution. As was the case with Emiliano Zapata, who despite being a land owner, declared that: ‘The land belongs to those who work it.’

Some today speculate in a manner I consider foolish as to whether or not Zapata was bisexual, but clearly his revolutionary ideals were for agrarian reform and not for homosexual or bisexual equality rights under the public eye.

General Manuel Mondragon was also accused of assisting the Mexican revolution of this time, said to have purposefully placed his troops out of the way to avoid bloodshed rather than protect the nobles which accused him. Due to his overwhelming support found in the troops he led, rather than execute him, he was instead exiled to Spain, taking his groundbreaking inventions to create the first semi-automatic rifles with him. To bolster Spanish and German arms factories and economic income rather than Mexican, particularly as the First World War was fought at the same time as that Mexican Revolution.

Before that during the American revolution, to my knowledge the Americans also experimented with rifling their musket barrels to make them more accurate, crafting the first sharpshooters capable of more accurate fire beyond that British muskets were capable of, for perhaps sniping at British Officers tucked behind lines of Redcoats they thought would shield them from such, only to discover to their horror they were not quite so secure.

The Mexican War of Independence I believe inspired by the American revolution of 1776 before our independence, was instead led mostly by Catholic priests like Father Hidalgo who similarly were more educated than the poor but also came into more contact with them than Spaniards and most urbanites aside from business or factory managers.

And a case of the elite influencing the poor is also seen with propaganda following the Mexican-American war, when Mexican elites mostly white crafted the Aztec reconquista to be instead a retaking of the American Southwest, including Texas. With the addition of a fabricated map claimed to be of Aztec origin in an attempt to propagandize their poorer workers and soldiers again mostly indigenous in-comparison to hopefully fight to retake lands that ultimately would have made the rich richer at the cost of their lives. Should they even have succeeded considering how beaten the Mexican Army was during the war. Ulysses S. Grant himself, veteran of the Mexican-American war more popular for his efforts as military leadership in name of the Union’s fight against slavery and retainment of federal power during the Civil War, to have declared it made him feel guilty with how unfair a fight it was with the American military possessing superior technology and numbers as they continue to do so;

With nukes which we do not desire at least not I to ever have in a Mexican arsenal. And the other technology for weapons of our age in more abundant numbers. With smaller advancements yet to be shared with us if they ever will lacking our own development aiding coordination and target identification followed by engagement here and there. Such as drones I do not believe to be yet fielded by the Mexican military in their war against crime. At least not drones tailored for extended missions in-flight like the Predator drone infamous for its use in the Middle East that I believe would be of great use to them though I’d like to see them unarmed for strictly surveillance.

Even with an Irish brigade turning coat to fight for us maybe because of a shared Catholicism at a time when Catholicism was persecuted in the United States. They and Italian immigrants still considered ‘white blacks’ then and for a time to come. The United States public then favoring Protestant Christians like those that founded the 13 Colonies in a possible rejection of influence through rule from abroad as is the Vatican based in Italy. Despite the support of that particular Irish Brigade choosing to fight for us perhaps united through shared Catholicism, the Mexican military was still defeated and surrendered at Castle Chapultepec where years before they had successfully held off and beaten the French. Before once-more getting invaded by the French after getting softened up by the Americans to briefly instate Emperor Maximilliano I as emperor for 3 years from 1864 to 1867 following the initial invasion of 1861.

A circumstance they perhaps attempted again about a century later with their Vietnam colonies to disastrous results before a Vietnamese independence followed by a Vietnamese intervention liberating Cambodia from the Khmer Rouge, and their defense against a Chinese invasion in-vengeance for deposing their installed regime neighboring Vietnam shrugged off to conclude about 40 years of constant warfare began against the French. Then Americans both aided by South Vietnam as well as Montagnard indigenous Christian tribes trained and armed by Special Forces which were persecuted by the North Vietnamese to prevent a democratic election of Communism projected fearfully to be a likely outcome of plans France had conceded to permitting a peaceful reintegration of Vietnam upon reunification with a more populous North Vietnamese voter base.

To end with a single-star spangled banner proudly representing a national sovereignty attained with Soviet assistance providing anti-air missile platforms required against American air support to keep the USAF from simply dousing the entirety of Vietnam with napalm and Agent Orange before marching in. Incapable of this against a North Vietnam equipped with anti-air missile sites sometimes staffed by Soviet advisors and Soviet MiG jets piloted by Vietnamese trained in the USSR to counter the USAF, many times reluctant infantrymen were forced into close-quarters combat against both part-time insurgent farmers and professional Vietnamese military wielding an AKM rifle superior to American small-arms of the time intimate with the land they’d place traps upon for brutal guerrilla warfare like that seen in the American revolution all-the-more bloody for advancements since-then. Agent Orange used to defoliate rapidly jungle coverage still claimed responsible for health defects in Vietnamese children and to have also harmed the health of American veterans. Radar assisted both in-detecting American aircraft and Chinese invading the Northern border a decade later quickly responded to by rapid reports through telephone and radio from sharp-eyed patrols. Making reports of Chinese armored vehicles nearing the border more quickly spread than even the hardest riding midnight rider of those ultimately summed up in the tale of Paul Revere’s night-time ride could have to warn towns into clanging their bells upon sighting English sails approaching the coast.

Still, of revolution to occur today, I do not believe it possible nor necessary without having secured the support of a large part, though not necessarily a majority, of the military institutions safeguarding that society’s national sovereignty. During the revolutions of the Americas, the technology of the firearm made any man wielding one as lethal as a trained soldier, a cannon not that hard to acquire with enough of them, what was harder to secure were warships, but with enough firearms revolution on a land-mass was a possible success. Today, since World War I and advancements in technology, the weight of force has returned to the rich and the government in a manner not capable of being defeated by firearms. With tanks, aircraft, drones, more specialized naval vessels highly developed, and armored vehicles beyond just tanks, a violent armed revolution is a foolish doomed venture without military backing.

Prolonged insurgency through covert acts is possible, but such need avoid terrorist acts that may harm civilians and other innocents or needlessly instigate the military, as ultimately an insurgency need win their hearts and minds too to succeed. Terrorists are but those so desperate or so insane, either having always been such apathetic harmful individuals craving violence or being made so by excessive trauma without opportunities to cope positively, who now only wish to spread the terror and pain they felt or sadistically desire against those they hate, and thus, terrorists are not insurgents as insurgents fight for love of a cause and love of a people and not for hate of another even when opposing them. A revolt like the kind committed by the Ejercito Zapatista de Liberacion Nacional during the 90s, not possible on a national level without military backing of some sort, their actions resulted in anarchocommunist radical democratic communes having their rights respected when previously clandestine black operation groups within the Mexican Military were to be sent to murder subsistence farmers to push the rest towards buying American products and abandoning their lifestyle for urban centers following the signing of NAFTA were it not for the EZLN rising in defense of their land rights.

A revolution undesired by any group within the military, is a revolution that is not needed, given they are also members of society. A society that does not love nor cherish their military so much that the military as a whole does not sympathize with their cause, is not a society worth fighting for any cause from within it. A military that has allowed itself to be incentivized needlessly for self-gain against their society, is a cruel mercenary organization with no true loyalty to society and nation. One that may terrorize and break their society’s safety and peace rather than guard it against the very core values supposedly behind a military arm’s founding. Made so when individual acts of abuse are not revised and punished duly. The same can be said of police institutions, and a revolution also more preferable if sharing the support of some.

Should this division estranging soldier from society and society from loving and respecting soldier happen, or the same with law enforcement officer, this dangerous polarization become a thing; In such a case one also need-be wary of revolutionary intent growing among society, since it could come to receive the support of a foreign power and their military instead wishing to monopolize and take advantage of the growing conditions of discontent to either then invade itself a divided society dismantling its own self-defense, or propel those it wishes to manipulate to power amid the turmoil. In such a case revolutionary intent can even be more easily stoked by false information made easier to intrude upon a society that has already suffered from an excess of information control dividing people from often unsavory truths.

A people critical of the United States of America’s stereotypical even excessively patriotic and ultra-nationalistic love of their military institutions, are but envious of their power or but complete lackwit fools. From within the United States, more the latter than the former given they also enjoy the benefits derived from their actions worldwide. When from beyond, well, better for us bordering the United States and those within it born there that they continue wondering why the United States is so powerful while criticizing one of the core reasons why out of many. Such respect, love even if it does not have to be so excessive nor permissive of their acting freely without revision, so long as it does not cast doubt among all for any acts deemed abusive committed by one or few, is necessary for any nation to avoid a worrying division of their military arms from society. And for soldiers to have a welcome place in society, where they may be loved, find love, and be cherished for their duty that often provokes stresses unknowable to most of the rest that can harm body and mind.

Community Service, Or A Tale Of Two Countries

Me, myself, and I. Manuel Ignacio Mier Aguirre, Jr. Morelia, Michoacan de Ocampo, Mexico. October, 29th, 1992 –

Originally published May 30th, 2020, prior to being expanded upon due to my boredom.

I’ll go out and say it, I don’t like most cops at first glance for their stern jaw and their direct seemingly ever-suspicious glare seeking the worst from you, but I look down upon cop-haters and people who brigade against police officers with an ideologist fervor much worse than I do the police, even when many abusers hide among them and find it easier to go unscathed with the badge and uniform. That and I’ve found the men and women in black and blue, yet to experience being left black and blue by them, friendly and happy to be useful to me as a traveler when needing directions in large cities like Chicago or Mexico City. I’ve been racially profiled, accused even before my family was deported by a school police officer, with the D.A.R.E. program who would sometimes say to me, ‘I know you’ll do something someday,’ before I even tried drugs.

As Immigration And Custom Enforcement officers tore my room apart, tossed my things all-over, pulled opened drawers to find what looked to be a switchblade, holding it before me boastfully, only to open it and even laugh themselves coming to see it was a mock gag hair-comb made to look like a switchblade, it always seemed some people were quick to find some fault in me to think me a violent criminal for thinking differently, or being a little explosive with my emotions, but I’d never lay a hand on another uninvited unless in self-defense. Deported just a semester shy of a high school diploma I was lacking any doubt of achieving, even if it would require some cramming come final weeks I’d accomplished on a couple other years, though perhaps the private Catholic school’s requirement of service voluntary hours completed to graduate may have been something impeding me since I’d not expected this having spent most of my high school in public education save for the last three semesters, I was thinking of how to perhaps include hours spent not as punishment by law applied justly, but assisting my mother in her program for the elderly, Corazones Alegres, helping to clean out yards just as I’d done mandated by the law. Still, I’d spent my free time not in sports I increasingly lacked passion for seeking workplaces throughout my entire high school career, not always aiding my mother with helping geriatric members of the South Sioux City community my time likely not completing that mandated to graduate from Wahlert Catholic Highschool other’s had begun with prior notice. When not seeking some informal job I may earn some money with which to buy video games to bolster my collection of gifts from my father, or do mallrat stuff with friends. My gaming and reading habits often the source of baggy eyes which perhaps exaggerated my chronic depression and social anxiety, and clearly affected my athletic performance.

Persistent suicidal thoughts plaguing my adolescence long-forgotten, thankfully to have never been enacted upon like many who’ve suffered much more even including bullying, loss, violence, or other discrimination beyond what I faced for being a rather grumpy socially awkward migrant teen preferring books and games over large social circles. At points persistent slurs leaving me constantly on edge, even if I’d often just brush them off rather than start a fight each time against people unified against me in them even when among them, individuals of which rivaled or surpassed me in strength particularly as my height in middle school was caught up to in high school. Up to the last two years, where I’d found a more tolerant treatment lacking past friction yet still not quite connecting well due to my tastes differing from others, and uncertainty over a future, where perhaps I was the wrong harsh judge on one occasion, poking fun at someone for liking Green Day and not more vulgar punk rock of which I do regret given I struggled to connect over music tastes with anyone save for my best friend at the school I’d previously attended. American Idiot and Boulevard Of Broken Dreams are pretty good songs, sure they’ve got some more gold sprinkled within their work I simply never dove into nor care to, since at this point it’d be pilfering someone else’s tastes having willfully neglected it as too pop once in teenage arrogance. Not making things easy for myself either with a short-temper in adolescence I’ve long forgotten about till recently as well as a budding black humor lacking any true thought behind it to be edgy which faded as I became sensible, if anything a pleasant respite provoking a laugh from me now that many a book since then has led it from meaningless offensive words to be capable of some sharp jape best left unsaid now that I too re-encounter this unsavory side of my character I’d thought vanquished but which was just sedated, yet lacking any resentment neither then nor now for those that sparked my anger once it’d subside whom I’d share hallways with for a few years to come. Sports while I’ve never been a fan of watching them though eager to join friends when invited to do so over a pizza, to have helped me learn some teamwork and tolerance of others different from me through participation which ultimately helped me also defeat my weight-issues that had diminished my confidence in appearance.

Punished for no crime of my own this time around upon being so helpfully assisted to move back to my beloved home country Estados Unidos Mexicanos, instead falling into a fate I’ve since deemed fortunate for my father’s possession of fire-arms before establishing citizenship. Recently an adult at 18 any crime of my own I’d know to have been non-existent I’d have gladly faced in-court yet ultimately I was not granted the presence due to similar lack of citizenship, and lacking direction as to what may I do should I have stayed, ultimately taking the chance to seek adventure knowing a Mexico I’d left at 6. At the time still looking forward to service in the United States Marine Corps for a minimum 4 years for a fight against religious radicalism or preferably instead stationed at a base in the Pacific somewhere, perhaps Australia of those Americans with lovelier accents, having recently shyly called a recruiter a bit nervous when speaking to a military man of whom I’d only known directly two prior, mostly in their civilian lives. Today I ponder the Mexican Army’s 2 year service perhaps completing my current curriculum at the age of 29, if it is not again interrupted like recently happened, coming to learn the maximum age of enlistment and despising how my nation’s image is tainted by crime and is at so many levels invaded by it recently enraged following criminal threats upon my own life. Criminal extremists daring to claim I have some sin I need turn to Christ for due to simply being an Atheist liberal, any sin of mine paling in comparison an innocence to their alleged use of torture to indoctrinate those not choosing to adopt Catholic Extremism. I don’t negotiate with terrorists, particularly not terrorists mixing Communism with religious extremism for a concoction that makes me dry-heave with disgust. Likely seeking to torture me and others into accepting even false charges possibly committed by others favorable to that organization, or simply fabricated. Maybe I was targeted for signalling a mayor of a major city’s public denial of there even occurring abduction of women at a time when news reported a noticeable hike in abduction in his mayoral district, or any of the other injustices I refused to remain blind to though I often distract myself from. Disgustingly claimed by an accomplice of theirs I’d once foolishly trusted that their victims are coerced into accepting a wage lower than what is dignified for a Mexican man while lacking freedom to seek a workplace elsewhere, forced to stay according to him and violently instilled with a Catholic guilt false in-basis, the word for it being slavery given the lack of proper criminal proceedings by the law beneath a courtroom’s proceedings. Your God I do not believe in would never seek for you to look towards your own feet for the power and wealth of criminals, he would wish you look ahead and up at the skies towards him. I returned their threats, hoping to perhaps see for myself what could maybe be described as a rural agrarian Orison of Somni-451 from a book I claim my favorite, Cloud Atlas, where-in cloned servants are grown and indoctrinated to work a fast food restaurant believing a Colonel Sanders look-alike to be their God as they are taught, demanding their constant undoubted duty to the establishment they never leave, freely fondled by a manager, promised rewards only to someday meet an industrialized snapping of the neck before having organic material recycled.

Always punished for having a serious face, strange tastes, knowing too much of that not mandated by a workplace, while not having the blessing of being a cutesie white nerd to enjoy all these things enriching my life without suspicion. For not falling into blindly hating opposing political movements, though a prospective future Democratic voter looking up to a Former President Obama as an inspiration at the time of note surrounded by a mostly Conservative community that had never failed to show me mutual respect surprisingly as an entirety of those I came into contact fleeting or regular with unlike just about every other place I’d been in up till then. Ultimately to be kicked out by a nation I love that did love me back as a redheaded step-child or perhaps the son born colored to a nation I love slightly more that was the true father all-along.

And even catching suspicion simply for being a man on one occasion, though it was my mistake, visiting Mexico City once I was rushing in the subway and entered a female only wagon just as the doors closed. I quickly noticed something was up, being the sole possessor of a penis in the car, and all the peeved stares. Someone asked me where I was from, I had already just straight pointed my arms and hands towards the roof, seeking to find something to balance myself, as I’d heard of the concept of women-only subway cars but never experienced it and just wanted to avoid accusations of physical harassment after already crossing a line. I simply replied, ‘Michoacan,’ and she turned to attempt to calm the rest of the packed train car down, saying ‘es de provincia,’ and therefore, not accustomed to the fine details of big city metropolitan life.

Of the men from Immigration And Customs Enforcement and the sheriff of that particular county of East Dubuque which would later return to apologize for the proceedings according to my parents, stating his presence and involvement to be nothing personal; Well, I wonder why I never received my copy of the Necronomicon, a collection of short stories by H.P. Lovecraft, nor my T-shirts of hard rock and metal bands, mayhaps they were kept by my bow and arrow and a sack full of punctures as proof of some Satanic text and finally some proof of Satanic cults in small-town America colluding with the Mexicans. In a book of black magic containing short stories of the type that founded the science-fiction genre cosmic horror placing otherworldly forces often beyond our direct perception in their horrifying unknowable motives rather than mankind at the center of the universe. A genre that may have skipped a more than just a few decades before coming to influence film and literature of the 70’s, before then Flash Gordon placing a man at the forefront of adventure and The Day the Earth Stood Still depicting mankind as worthy of being addressed by an alien visitor come to share his message with us as a whole. Star Trek depicting a humanity exploring and crafting treaties with other civilizations in-peace, said to have been a favorite of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s, of few such shows allowed to his children for the depiction of a black female officer of high rank among the central cast led by a Captain often the first to seal the deal with a prospective green lady ambassador from outer-space. Where-as most pulp science fiction media prior was an extension of the old cowboys and Indians dynamic of a white man’s adventures conquering and exploring another alien people’s foreign land. While cosmic horror visitors usually leave an unfortunate man insane to be left unseen in his suffering, no one to believe his claims of beasts haunting perfectly sculpted 90-degree angles as he inexplicably avoids every doorway, rectangle or square-shaped room, or display some situation where man fails to control forces he has yet to entirely understand. Mary Shelley to have perhaps come before Lovecraft with that particular trope of man’s follies when seeking experimental control of newly-discovered forces through works such as Frankenstein at a time when electricity had begun to be known, written by her to have been capable of granting life to the dead itself, again set to a new stage come the 90’s with Jurassic Park‘s message of ‘life finds a way.’ Updated to be genetic monstrosities born of dinosaur DNA mixed with amphibian’s to fill in missing genetic blocks in Micheal Crichton’s Jurassic Park quickly adapted to film by his convenient friend Steven Spielberg, also conveniently explaining the lack of feathers against naysayers for fans such as myself, rather than a creature crafted from body parts stitched together brought back to life by electrical current through his dead tissues, doomed to think itself man but not quite man born anew. Between the two, Godzilla to represent the power of the atom recently unleashed as a nigh-unstoppable beast ravaging Japan in reminiscence of the atom bombs Little Boy and Fat Man dropped upon Hiroshima and Nagasaki by USAF Boeing B-29’s Enola Gay and Bocksckar respectively the decade before, and the effects of radioactivity coming to be revealed that unexpectedly affected Japanese seamen traveling too close to where a United States Military was conducting nuclear tests on one infamous occasion that directly inspired the production.

Maybe they did, maybe they did not think my recently purchased and beloved book to be evidence of Satanism I personally doubt ever really enacted any crime, my only knowledge of a Satanic church in the United States to be an institution harmless to their community that would more-than-likely be persecuted harshly should they attempt any human sacrifice in what must be an interesting service for attending members. Perhaps it is collecting dust or maybe one of the officers did decide to open it up and even finish the book for me so kindly. I still wish I could have finished that book beyond the first few stories, not quite enjoying seeking stories through a screen in the same way.

If its still there chilling in some evidence locker and not instead stolen from possessions left at a border warehouse like my parents claim, well, he was a white guy kind of racist himself as you’ll likely discover reaching his take on the Frankenstein tale if that makes it any more appealing to some of you guys. Quite sad a thing is a book never opened to be finished by anyone. I mean, philosophy faculties still teach Nazi supporter Heidegger don’t they? But I don’t recommend you defend a reading of Mein Kampf by the same logic, even if you sneak a glance secretly. Its okay, I won’t tell anyone.

And we must continue to examine at least on occasion that we reject to understand what we fight and how we may subvert it to becoming ineffective or even promoting of our own goals whether or not it realizes, you naughty officer of the law you.

I would never strike at a police officer or military official with hate for their uniform, even if the individual in person comes to inspire it, and I hope I never find myself having to defend myself from those likely better trained and usually better equipped, but even though I don’t shy from the possibility, I wouldn’t shy away from turning myself into the laws perception of justice if I felt that I was indeed guilty of some crime I’m accused of and have a chance at being treated fairly for it even if punished.

Do those people who blindly hate police think we’d suddenly be safer without law enforcement? The system takes so much responsibility from us, truly, unless you’re some self-defense survivalist nut, to desire the abolition of cops is to open yourself up to crimes as horrible or worse than any done by abusive cops without any possibility of justice. I say this even from a country with rampant police corruption, where law enforcement sometimes seeks to hire the lowest common denominator and constantly advertising the need for new recruits to be poorly trained in some cases then given an assault rifle. Even then the corruption comes to play as a minor benefit, I’ve gone free of worse punishment for minor speeding, not having a license on me, for drug possession and even once for simply being at the place of a brawl as I attempted to help an unconscious friend away, by paying a small bribe instead. Though this is a sword with a bladed handle, as often those same cops or others more willing to risk their authority for riches where a cop that may accept a minor bribe for a nonviolent crime may not be a bad guy at all truth-be-told, just with a family to feed, a society that often does not value him or her, criminals better armed in some cases should he opposed them, and a salary too low to be expected to put up with that crud without shaking down the occasional pothead here and there.

Consider it the taxes that may otherwise have bolstered your salary and funded better education more widely spread to make less criminals for you to fight that and perhaps offer some of you a more open path to something likely more enriching to the mind than toting an assault rifle around driving a marked vehicle in the same routes around familiar streets, though let us not undermine how important this is even equally so come the right, or wrong circumstance compared to the guy with the guitar over there no matter how many girls he may croon, and the guy experimenting with chemistry to make metallic powders that can suck-up pollutants in water upon contact with sunlight like Sasha Grey somehow unable to access her bank account containing a fortune with a damaged credit card for whatever reason short on a rent payment for a flat just as strangely paid in cash. That is if Ms. Grey is just as stringent on avoiding fees for late payments even if they come to be but an additional 8 pesos per day like my father so disciplined in timely payments is, considering her fortune is likely far beyond that I will ever see numerically in any account of my own. All three sort of free to do their thing sometimes because you keep the spaces where they commit to their labors or educate for them safe from violence and robbery. But pretty cool if you could be both, all three, but perhaps not all four of those mentioned in the sentence before the previous two. Since no one has that much time, but you feel free to pick the three you like best should you find yourself to be such a multi-disciplined scientist-cop-pornographer or cop-musician-scientist and any variation of two or three and many other disciplines blended in as hobbies perhaps. Taxes that would have been paid in-addition to you as public servants and peacekeepers had a few of the rich guys not instead stashed it away overseas, which can help maintain hobbies to better work stress out with or calm your mind. But those more insidious perhaps enacting some agenda when not caught before being able to who’d accept a bribe to add to their meager salary, would likely jump at a much larger bribe to look away from murder, kidnapping, or other crimes, not all of them, but some of them who position themselves at the right places to be of use to criminal organizations.

At the same time, when I went through a bit of an emo period and liked to wear black bandanas with skulls and abstract shapes, when that one that did once claim my destiny to be undoubtedly somewhere in crime jumped on me to accuse me of gang insignia, in Midwestern suburban Iowa no less, the other school liaison police officer was quick to smile, have a small chuckle, and point out the silly fashion choice as being appropriate to a subculture of the 2000s and not representing violent crime organizations.

The old good cop, bad cop routine some would say, but in a world with so much deception, perhaps all of us, specially law enforcement, should look upon each situation presented from both sides of the coin, the compromise, the open ear, and sympathy to one’s plight or current state, and the opposite, accusatory, hostile, defensive, even instigating face to strip the truth behind the motivations of someone, without falling too harshly on one or the other face until justification has been shown.

Thus far, aside from deportation, my crimes of mild drug-use now abandoned for little over a year which I’d adopted following my return to Mexico, and no more than a few fist fights I did not instigate, all of which never faced the law, my only other run-in was a probation period with community service I was condemned to for throwing eggs at an ex-girlfriends house when I was 14 and a flash of anger yet to be repeated so shamefully needlessly lacking in any excuse against a friend coming to be close prior to it afterwards, recently entered a hormonal adolescence still a child at 14 struggling with newfound emotions. And even then, her father said they wouldn’t have pressed charges if it wasn’t late Autumn, the cold near-Winter night freezing the egg and scraping paint when removed, suppose they didn’t try tossing hot water on it or something. Oh the work was tedious but easy, but I’ve held menial labor jobs since and it was interesting, the officers assigned to us weren’t all that bad, my small detail was with two others, from a school that actually was notorious for drug crime and violence according to many rumours and another with classes more packed than our own small town’s, but they too were pretty chill.

As we came to be in the midst of Iowan winter, we were assigned to plow snow from the yards of the elderly. While finishing up the yard of a meek old lady, who throughout our brief interactions with her always had a warm smile whether closed or flashing a grin I do think I saw for an instant, opened her door and motioned for all of us to enter. The three of us were fairly perplexed, but the police officers, a male and a female cop, pressed us to go on. Inside, we were instantly met with warmth, and the old lady grinned from cheek to cheek as she presented us with a mug of hot cocoa, and freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. Maybe she just enjoyed being so kind, maybe the people she would have rather served like that couldn’t be there just then, so close to the holidays. I wish I had been as grateful during that moment, silently enjoying the treat, as I’ve been the rest of my life since then.

I wonder what it would have been like, had, instead of such a grandmotherly figure surprised us with those small warm joys in the cold, we’d been forced to work the yards of angry stereotype Boomers not breaking the mold some following generations can come to thrust upon the older men and women of an age when some claim a Summer job at a soda shop beneath an air conditioned breeze or instead beneath a Midwestern sun helping out on the corn fields could earn you enough for a car come September. When a nuclear household allegedly could be comfortably maintained learning on-the-job as factory labor rather than requiring an extensive academic formation, of which some jobs do still remain a reliable choice due to their requirement in up-keeping even the common home.

An era when Charles Bukowski could work as a postman delivering the mail or sorting it out at the post-office and earn enough to gamble regularly on horse races and maintain a diet mostly composed by wine bottles in a way only he could only to return to work on-time more often than not the next day. The wage of a mailman then should Post-Office be believed, enough to grant freedom from stress through experience when past work hours so long as you stress at least enough to continue returning to work day after day. Enabling a swagger a woman of the higher class much younger than him may find appealing to her parent’s dismay at her rebellion. Which he of course would use for a small extra vacation should book speak true to his time as a postman upon taking advantage of her parent’s gifted allowance to enable the two’s lifestyle before their ultimate denial of further money forcing him back into the workplace. Despite this age of abundance that was the 50s followed by a 60s freed to pursue new ideas for it the poor Bukowski’s earlier works often shared in description of their lives sometimes among them in his earlier work I’ve not personally read still existed. Whether poverty or poor in-relation to the rest, I do not know but likely varying between the two. Unlike Mexico, Charles Bukowski himself was arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation on at least one occasion accused of having drafted the dodge and avoided his duty to support the ongoing war-effort in the Pacific and Europe.

An era when Mexico too enjoyed a wealth enriched by that nectar dripping across the border in-exchange for metals much needed for the war efforts mined by Mexican hands, to be earned by participation alongside American Marines sharing the sky overhead with American pilots by including the cooperation of 250 Mexican airmen and 90 fighter planes that assisted in missions over the Philippines and Taiwan against Imperial Japan. The military of our nation usually quick to cooperate whatever the issue, renowned internationally for their natural disaster response preparedness within Mexico and missions abroad further South in Central America, and when directed North most recently to my knowledge having assisted the state of Louisiana following a Hurricane Katrina that left New Orleans ravaged many streets beneath a risen water-level. Since 2016 composing part of United Nation’s peacekeeping operations beyond the mainland Americas assisting the nation of Haiti. The United Mexican States a recent addition to the UN Security Council, which I hope may include some influence from potentially affected Latin American countries through wisdom that should be clear considering recent history to all should international intervention occur resulting in an increased refugee crisis near our nation. To restrict and limit what and how private religious education often the only offering to educate refugees out of charity through supervision including secular education and workplace training to adapt both to agrarian work and urban job sites, to avoid a repeat of the Taliban near our borders crafted from children trapped within refugee camps where their only education was private Islamic education pushing them towards extremism seeing Western liberal values as evil falsely, which was provided by private Saudi Arabian interests acting without supervision of the state and Pakistani Intelligence Services providing funding through their covert front companies and allies. These children taught that they would save the world from a nonexistent evil, an evil that can be seen through the eye of Islamic radicalism of the deluded just as it is visible to a Catholic extremist intolerant to other walks of life freed from guilt. Ultimately being unleashed upon an Afghanistan many were not native to displacing the local Mujahideen by murder of resistant members that had once fought the Soviet Union aided by American weaponry and adoption of others given towards their particular brand of Islamic radicalism perhaps desperate from conflict-trauma themselves making them prone to terrorism to spread the pain within them lacking any possibility for a healthy outlet to escape it.

During the Second World War and following it gold grown on both sides of the Rio Grande by farmers invited even embraced once having crossed the border to work the agricultural industries of the United States then ultimately and briefly grateful for both of these groups of capable Mexican men lending their bodies and tools towards the globe-spanning war effort as naval ships of both banners scoured the coasts seeking German u-boats to uproot if not instead sink to an ocean floor beneath the Gulf of Mexico. Mexican farmers during the 40’s workers earning a wage approaching if not meeting that considered proper for even perhaps a natural-born US citizen of the time when many of these men had left their fields to fight overseas, while the women that missed many of them were working factories relentlessly crafting all manner of weaponry and vehicle for them to wield abroad. Factories without a bomb to touch them capable of reaching this hemisphere accurately founding the richness of the coming decade for the United States. Both the American and Mexican agricultural output as well as metals mined by Mexican miners worth all-the-more so as to feed the war effort and a devastated Europe following the war. Mexico’s acclaimed golden age of cinema, of talented actors and entertainers freed to pursue their art to entertain a growing middle class with time to relax within the cinema, a welcome by-product of this richness for helping to feed war-struck Europe. Acapulco of the decades following the war, now a still beautiful albeit tragic reminder of the past, once potentially considered to have been a second home to Frank Sinatra whom enjoyed his time and money there lavishly and infamously.

The American Boomer stereotype and many deviating from it slightly in different ways pious to a nation under God and the American dream in-abundance during a rich post-war economy of the United States. Disdainful upholders of McCarthyism to perceived dissidence against the rich promises of Capitalism perhaps seemingly at the reach of all willing to work hard without having to open too many books beyond the bible, and perhaps the constitution. Then to rest sunken into an armchair watching a show espousing the heroics of a world war the decade past or instead glorifying the values of the American household and the potential for quirky habits it provided, between readings of a newspaper detailing events of national and international interest perhaps including the Soviet’s dastardly deeds of recent days past. Or perhaps literature, for many did indeed read beyond just the bible espoused by a Nation Under God against Godless Soviet Communism.

The stereotype of a Boomer from a by-gone era many perhaps think to be a greatness they’d once-more like to seek, to see their grandchildren enjoy it or perhaps those same grandchildren looking back upon it through sometimes rose colored spectacles to yearn for it in their place or together around the shared kitchen table, these staunchly Capitalist Boomers claimed quick to turn irritable against encroachment upon this sacred period of rest oft-shared with family between work hours and with a community come Sunday, or towards those who’d dare complete a job poorly done, remembering an age when most any job could pay enough to provide a comfortable life even if only for just one, that may in her place have been quick to yell slurs at us for some hostility at our perceived delinquency to be a stain upon us for failing to adhere to this system even if perhaps it was but a state to be hopefully overcome completing our respective sentencing to community service while pondering our error and where we perhaps would rather be that evening. Potentially slinging some particularly nasty and entirely unnecessary slur at a young white woman sharing her fate with a black adolescent and myself a Latino prematurely immigrated when I’d still lacked some time in the oven to toast my skin a more lovely gold.

And perhaps the three of us were lucky to be in the mid 2000s despite lacking the possibility of buying a car brand-new or slightly used within a year washing dishes or serving of fast food burgers, even if diligent saving can still afford an older used vehicle for a high school kid undertaking those labors while parents finance living and nutritional, if he or she doesn’t find him or herself helping them to meet these expenses. When even as some jurisdictions were pushing for harsher punishments for even lesser crimes, rumoured to be incentivizing higher counts of stricter punishments for even these among police departments upholding the law within them, the three of us at the time instead of being pushed further and further into a life of crime by a greedy amoral system unseen and unknown to most, whatever they did and my own petty crime were punished appropriately without branding us criminals in a manner needlessly cruel to a tumultuous youth. My own lesson accepted and learned at the time, sometime over the course of 80 hours of public service maintaining yards and cleaning out schools vacant in the evening when all staff had left, before returning to our homes and repeating the same till service concluded following our own school hours I’d faithfully attended with hardly a day missed not excused by illness or emergency. We were not treated as potentially dangerous criminals to be added to a statistic then handled, processed, and someone paid for to oversee our cheap labor for the follies of youth lacking lasting harm upon another. Though work that may teach skills viable following release is not a bad past-time for inmates with a wage arguably proper given other expenses being covered for them, but perhaps an unsavory prospect to consider when their number is pushed towards being made larger and larger in-population for cheap labor not being assigned to those lawful citizens still enjoying freedom for a higher wage instead. At the time we were treated as adolescents to be taught not yet needing to fear this as our fate, who still had many more chances.

‘How do you teach someone who isn’t willing to learn?’

Some introspective musing provoked by a thread on r/AskReddit:

By showing them how they could benefit from it, by benefitting yourself and maintaining the invitation open in some way. But some people, as said elsewhere, well, they do have to be broken down but this needn’t be hostile though it may, it can also be a push towards an examination of inner beliefs and attitudes to break them down and recreate them in a manner more positive. Even after an initial harsh discipline to create a shock with reality. Though sadly but sometimes necessary, for some who’ve crossed some line set in their ways, this breaking down is less to create a foundation for learning anew and more to submit into obedience driven by fear.

And this and what follows when driven towards rearranging the broken pieces for a more sturdy foundation, is where new stuff is learnt and taught. Myself somewhere along this process at the moment, opening myself up to new knowledge in a manner more positive. As well as returning to examine my relation to society including personal relationships and authorities. Hopefully to react in a manner less resentful than what I felt recently following some personal issues involving a sleight against me I responded to excessively harsh. Which affected personal relationships of mine, impeded my learning, and left me seeing enemies where perhaps there was none to begin with after feeling threatened into a defensive mindset.

Which will hopefully keep such from interrupting my formation again by also examining how I learn, the information I absorb including veracity of it which may affect my perspective and emotional state, as well what all of this information can be driven towards positively. As I continue to seek some area where I can maintain myself through a work I can come to be confident undertaking and hopefully find at least some occasional enjoyment accomplishing instead of just seeking a salary for independent survival. Hopefully of benefit to myself and those around me or sharing some connection to me, and whatever workplace I may join for the time I’m there if not instead finding an incentive to stay in-devotion to it. What most of us strive for really, whether creating individually or forming part of some team. Though many including myself do stray from any given path due to a myriad of issues both self-imposed and originating from the world around us, within or beyond our control.

Ultimately we are all in a constant state of growth, even the unwilling. I think most too rigidly set in their ways finally come to face the moment where they must bend or break at some point. That is, if these ways are not instead promoted by society around them to some end or another.

I admit to have broken from a usually serious self-protective mindset suddenly turned excessively defensive against instigation. Ending up shouting rabidly many frustrations needlessly which I’d previously calmly kept hidden from myself, silenced from interrupting those around me for love of peace and mutual respect. Many having never come to interrupt my thinking before being suddenly shoved into my thoughts intrusively. Some I needed to confront as an adult, others pushed upon me by another person I’ve since distanced for being toxic. While another person once close did the same with me for my suddenly irate thoroughly abrasive demeanor I’d never shown her during 7 years since meeting, nor to anyone else in years past save perhaps a classmate I rudely rushed to finish a tidbit I needed to further a mutual project nearing deadlines. Few others valid concerns yet still beyond my control in any way other than perhaps refraining from becoming an accomplice to some. Much of these issues I’d already come to terms with before in late adolescence, but perhaps did not adapt in the best of ways to all of them. Some of my habits topically treating them rather than absolving them from being an issue. Of these, I’ll learn to quell them in a manner more productive or so I hope.

The needless worries not disarmed by better information revealing them non-issues I’ll instead cast aside from further worry despite the wishes of aforementioned toxic person fixated upon them. Since many issues following were exacerbated by contacts on social media sharing biased even false info I felt offended by, beginning with my eliminating them after some aggressive comments of my own before ultimately separating myself from such platforms. And eliminating my own charged offensive posts from other social media platforms I still wish to use, such as this site, hoping to avoid misrepresenting myself as I find myself yet again. Since many were based in baseless speculation upon paranoia to others that didn’t deserve such accusations and nightmarish hallucination based on recently on-set mental health issues incited by the unexpected aggression developed from longstanding underlying mental illness I’d previously handled without issue through exercise and attempting to keep myself social combating chronic depression from self-identity issues I’d overcome, and social anxiety in public particularly when speaking.

Persistent suicidal thoughts plaguing my adolescence long-forgotten, thankfully to have never been enacted upon like many who’ve suffered much more even including bullying, loss, violence, or other discrimination beyond what I faced for being a rather grumpy socially awkward migrant teen preferring books and games over large social circles. At points persistent slurs leaving me constantly on edge, even if I’d often just brush them off rather than start a fight each time against people unified against me in them even when among them, individuals of which rivaled or surpassed me in strength particularly as my height in middle school was caught up to in high school. Up to the last two years, where I’d found a more tolerant treatment lacking past friction yet still not quite connecting well due to my tastes differing from others, and uncertainty over a future, where perhaps I was the wrong harsh judge on one occasion, poking fun at someone for liking Green Day and not more vulgar punk rock of which I do regret given I struggled to connect over music tastes with anyone save for my best friend at the school I’d previously attended. American Idiot and Boulevard Of Broken Dreams are pretty good songs, sure they’ve got some more gold sprinkled within their work I simply never dove into nor care to, since at this point it’d be pilfering someone else’s tastes having willfully neglected it as too pop once in teenage arrogance. Not making things easy for myself either with a short-temper in adolescence I’ve long forgotten about till recently as well as a budding black humor lacking any true thought behind it to be edgy which faded as I became sensible, if anything a pleasant respite provoking a laugh from me now that many a book since then has led it from meaningless offensive words to be capable of some sharp jape best left unsaid now that I too re-encounter this unsavory side of my character I’d thought vanquished but which was just sedated, yet lacking any resentment neither then nor now for those that sparked my anger once it’d subside whom I’d share hallways with for a few years to come. Sports while I’ve never been a fan of watching them though eager to join friends when invited to do so over a pizza, to have helped me learn some teamwork and tolerance of others different from me through participation which ultimately helped me also defeat my weight-issues that had diminished my confidence in appearance.

Of which I’ve since worked myself back down from feeling which while the negative thoughts turning to suicidal self-hate have not returned my quickness to meet threat with threat was a potential projection to invite them to do so for me instead. But that’s stretching it a bit far, finding myself helped from this rage through meditation, reading philosophy and psychological texts, a Spring excursion to camp at a nearby waterfall I enjoy with a recent ex-relationship I hope has found someone less erratic to better accompany her given the state I was in, exercise, some words of wisdom from friends, and maybe too much relaxation without any alcohol for the first time in years now feeling ready to face the oncoming semester without issue despite an unproductive break concerning my curriculum.

Some pictures from that early April trip to Ichaqueo, Michoacan de Ocampo.

So as to no longer perturb those who’ve chosen to distance themselves from me, nor myself and anyone to come. Lest harsh words of mine towards some worries I let overtake me merit some harsh response. Should it be so, I think the recent experience with criminal threats of a type I’d never before faced was a startling wake-up call and what came after a reminder not to so easily fall into such an easily-triggered state due to someone’s harassment. My last brief fist fight probably being at a nightclub before I quickly got bored of them when I was 18, nearly a decade ago. Last time I’ve stepped foot in a night club was probably working at one myself along the coast shifting between trainee waiter, doorman, and bathroom clean-up shared with the other staff whom like myself were also expected to do publicity as well as general clean-up for an old salsa and disco club aging and coming to be forgotten by most much like the playlist played night after night of the same classic hits plus that years suddenly popular K-Pop song to keep it modern I guess. Which I quickly left a week short of completing a month, sick of both the work environment I’d already grown tired of at more popular establishments as a client, and annoyed at coworkers after getting picked up for wearing the same uniform as coworkers that started a fight against a single guy they had argued with earlier at a nocturnal establishment they’d dragged me to following a productive night, due to my penny-pinching attitude unwilling to pay for a taxi of my own further goaded towards joining by the offer of a drink on them from whatever they ordered. To my shocked disapproval at their outburst following closing time as I attended to the one guy blissfully passed out unconscious among us helping him into a taxi I should have asked to depart then and there rather than wait to fill the vacant seats. Myself always one to avoid pushing violence upon others, abhorring it and not expecting it to be thrust upon me given I avoid bothering anyone taking care to respect the property and rights of others as I’d like them to do for me. Not harboring hate in my heart for anyone nor any people, though I’ve recently rediscovered just how angry I can get to my disgust.

Still I’ll remember it began as a threat upon me I ridiculously reacted against, and instead maintain my calm dealing with whatever may follow should anyone including the originators of the threats feel offended enough to react 8-9 months after imposing themselves upon my mindset through false accusations of sin driven to instill guilt to guide me towards their outlook. With violent threats upon myself included among apocalyptic claims of which many were based in conspiracy theories. The only guilt I’ve any reason to feel as of late is for the shameful way I overreacted blowing up in response afterwards perhaps requiring my apologies to any colleagues, friends, and acquaintances I may have affected beyond those that made their concern clear.

Of one in-particular I did hope in my paranoid estranged state which also had me burning the paper I’d written her address upon fearing someone among those a person I’ll never again trust may use to mail a letter bomb like some groups have been known to do so to addresses in Mexico City, her own claims of danger she’d not detail to me leaving me hoping someone may actually pay attention if I’d piled onto them wishing to avoid threats to me extending to her while also fearing perhaps someone else had hijacked her account in a briefly lasting paranoid spell, yet in my maddened state still wishing for a confrontation upon myself to end me fearing it would be unending which I’m glad it was not, or at least to remove me from a situation where I feared others wished to make me complicit in their acts forcefully. And as probably the one who I’d left off-put most in private messages once carelessly shared and invited by her, I do owe her the largest apology though I wouldn’t blame her for avoiding it nor expect her to ever again open an avenue of communication to me again, her address abroad willfully forgotten by me. I’ll not let fear of confrontation continue to taint my thoughts now since that time increasingly growing has passed lacking any follow-up, while I perhaps dwelled on the intrusion with more thought than it merited coming to myself instigate needlessly. The threat turned out to be overblown, though I perhaps did prod it excessively. Truthfully, I’d much rather continue my life here over travel abroad lacking opportunity there at the moment, to preferably return home following some formation or send some cash so my parents may finally retire soon upon finding it elsewhere facilitated by my English and capacity to adapt to change.

But, as described paragraphs above, it did result in me coming into a state where I could rebuild from my ravaged frightened mindset something less given to such explosive reactionary emotion disrupting my academic formation as I cast aside old stagnant worries instead focusing on the new and the positively enriching. More critical of whom I trust and the information I absorb, as I tear down the wall that had been erected within my mind before hostilities disrespectful of my goals and beliefs reaching to once-more embrace the world around me and abroad for whatever it may share or teach me. In a return to my usual humble modest attitude attempting respect for all recently sharpened by fear and anger against the sources of it with shameful disrespect I normally avoid, both valid before me and paranoid non-issues in reality.

Perhaps a cooler head should I face the same or worse again now once-more recognizing the depths of my foolish anger to better avoid it blindly, will have me just calling the police when faced with the initial threat I arrogantly dismissed in my adopted attitude bolstered by psychosis, more easily belittled for their unarmed presence through but two plus another I was once closer to however pressuring it was in an attempt at coercion. The idiot I was, wondering if they’d bring out proof they could enact the threats if I’d remained openly disdainful to one lover of eugenics, and arrogantly rejecting of the other two’s demands, not caring at all for my well-being then and also knowing that then a police response would face proof rather than two disrespecting me in my parents home invited by another here I’ve since ignored as he continues to push upon me radical ideals, suddenly turned docile and innocent lacking arms before their eyes.

Rather than do so months later after researching details that had left me perplexed and coming perhaps again driven by paranoia in the act perceiving a wider threat due to similar actors found with extremist cells far elsewhere that may be non-existent here, exaggerated, or falsified with the actors instead representing something else in-truth I would also rather avoid as I would what was claimed for the way the alleged cause was presented to me in a hostile manner accusatory of myself to my followed confusion and indignation at the insult. Which they may have thought I’d be more empathetic to joining than their real cause for whatever reason, if it wasn’t indeed that. In such a case they should have done their profiling a little better to recognize how I differ from my brother, pushing upon an Atheist highly critical of those who look upon the Soviet regime favorably and openly declaring ire against Hammer & Sickle flaglets being waved around at some protest I foolishly attended to find myself surrounded by people shouting death threats years ago, to my embarrassment and quick departure once possible without suspicion, to push upon me a Spanish inquisition wishing to purportedly end Capitalism to instate what appeared to me a Catholic extremist Communist regime as the desired end goal? Sure Capitalism has got its problems here and there, but I’m not currently seeking violent socioeconomic revolt as was claimed to be the cause among other threats from one I’ll not again let push upon me his worries and beliefs in conspiracy theories he retains despite my offering of better information. Still hoping for some Market and Democratic Socialist reform here and there instead within the wider Capitalist system. Also apologize for briefly breaking my tolerance of religion, having been raised Catholic myself, but that was a result of disrespect perceived to be against my Atheist liberal values I usually don’t thrust upon people not basing my entire identity around it, often willing to attend church services if in the mood for a re-connection with our shared culture and even to be led in prayer should one bring to me the occasion but not force it against my will. Really, this was weirder than what I usually enjoy, hope the first half of 2020 and the accompanying Covid-19 pandemic is but a vague memory mostly forgotten some day for better things.

I know some people abroad are a bit more mad at the system than I, many with just reason however negative I look upon those given to looting and rioting breaking from their right to manifest in some nations. But I still think what angers them there can be regulated by both embracing the police into wider society rather than seeing them as apart from the rest of us, though this is often due to some personal habits extending beyond alcohol and tobacco of some which I’ve since mostly abandoned knowing of or partaking in. Personally hoping for psychiatric stimulants and perhaps a mood stabilizer for myself to avoid my usual lethargy combated by constant caffeine, though my depression is surprisingly absent, but a more healthy melancholy following my heightened emotional state. Which often makes them all-the-more easily suspicious of people even lacking a bias of their own when faced by those of the same community strange to them, whether re-actively fearing for their lives or for the safety of others preemptively before more thorough identification. Similarly, perhaps police fraternizing more commonly with others not in authority rather than see themselves to be in a war against some of their community prior to there ever being violent action to be warred against. I do wonder what Anarchists think will happen if we suddenly eliminate police and military institutions on a state or national level often protecting us from those more given to amoral acts for self-profit even violently, and from conquest from abroad where someone would still have a military. And while Mexico has a police force of mostly gentlemen and gentlewomen more darkly colored than I, maybe seeking to bolster the ranks with people of more varied tones of skin where they may be more uniformly vanilla as well as open their acts to transparent revision we’d recently hoped officer mounted cameras would do. But that’s just my opinion, I truly hope 2020 ends on a more positive note than it began. To judge past transgressions contradicting law enforcement’s role of peacekeepers towards those they defend, not my particular place, still comfortably awaiting claimed threats upon me to be followed up on here in Southwestern Mexico.

Finally having returned to a state capable of enjoying my ample comforts around me to feel so relaxed, rather than pace back and forth anxiously awaiting further instigation unable to sit down and concentrate on anything not even playing a video game for prolonged periods of time in my intense anti-social mindset of anger begging for release clouding fear beneath as hormones wafted from me and I’d felt excessively alert to the most minute detail before me to a point the broader picture escaped me, feeling the need to give a nightly walk for cigarettes the connotation of a patrol. A woman I’d wished could have met me at a more sympathetic time of my life perhaps loving me for a brief time too strongly in a way I could not return properly quickly disappointing her desire for more tender connection given to a calm life of mutual trust and trust in security from that around us to better enjoy it without my paranoia seething at the time. Maybe saving me from becoming a thorough savage though I’d at times also came to affect her with my symbolism-led self-driven ego-bolstering mindset I’d attempted to drive my psychotic break towards to shield myself from unwanted ideas. Which I’ve since attempted to work back down to my usual respectful demeanor not imposing myself over others to instead hopefully learn from them, which I’d abandoned upon someone else aggressively imposing themselves over my own mindset lacking my own voluntary submission to their authority in name of law or as educator if not instead the guy or gal paying my salary or the ones supervising me for him or her I’d chosen to apply working beneath. Or my own parents I do sometimes cast aside for my own thoughts that prioritize other knowledge and areas they may even be naive of, but clearly possessing others where their knowledge is far beyond my own.

However fun and playful the delusion came to be at times with a calmer feminine presence I was often quick to be harsh in word of which I regret. And I hope her desire for companionship is better accommodated by someone more cheerful and stable as I’ve mentioned above, as I was not capable of offering when chance brought her attention into my life. If she isn’t instead enjoying her own individuality, solitude having its own joys and freedoms I often prefer. Either way, I think I’m confident she’ll continue driven towards her academic and personal formation lacking my own easily angered excessively protective mindset since returned to something resembling normalcy. Whether or not she thinks herself to be ape’s man as I prefer to remain despite the recent past’s delusions.

So I met a stranger with the same Dinosaur Atlas as I.

Thanks! Truthfully, I have five childhood trinkets, including an ancient Playstation 1 I didn’t know my parents still kept, always winding up in the garage of a new house when we would move. No games save for a scratched up Crash Team Racing. The others in my room are a ‘zilla 1998 action figure like 2/3 of a foot tall that used to roar and can twist side to side, yet to be abandoned perhaps because it was my Christmas gift our first Winter in Arizona, when we’d made the mistake of using a natural cut-down Pine Tree for a small apartment’s Christmas decorations only to have spine-like leaves cover the small space, and some Jurassic Park velociraptor/dilophosaurus figurines I long lost the guard tower and pen for, somehow they always find themselves tucked into my bags.

The Eyes of the Dragon by Stephen King was my first ‘thick’ novel in primary school, but shamefully I’ve long lost the original paperback my older sister gifted me. Rest assured my children will be raised knowing dinosaurs had no feathers, and their true test will be when some smug dino-nerd shows them up in primary school eager to correct their error to my amusement. They’ll both pass if it leads to friendship, and I’ll consider it a marginally passing grade if it results in fisticuffs, only for me to reveal the truth provided the presence of a dinosaur atlas in my home didn’t already lead them to it on the internet.

Of the few books I wish I’d kept, one basement in the United States where I lived in had a stock of odd-findings, including one tale of dragons fighting military jet aircraft as the climax to a short novel, another of riots amidst a water shortage in some post-apocalyptic event. And a story of a girl, in a valley following some nuclear apocalypse having her world intruded upon by a scientist in hazmat gear. I wonder if someone held onto my copy of the Necronomicon, a collection of short stories by H.P. Lovecraft I never got around to finishing before deportation disrupted my life, thinking they’d finally chanced upon some evidence of Satanic witchcraft in a middle-class undocumented Mexican family’s belongings, to be kept with my bow and arrow and a sandbag punctured with many holes punched through by a blunt arrowhead.

But really, I think dinosaurs was a 90s and 80s fad for children, and adults who became cool for retaining the ability to geek out over some dinosaur or another if you give them the right context. Now kids latch onto Sonic and Kung Fu Panda and Nyarlathotep knows what else. I ended up getting into Stephen King perhaps too young, my mother after a brief dip into Scientology ended up pushing upon me L Ron Hubbard books, Mission Earth, Battlefield Earth, but even then they seemed like outlandish pulp fiction more pulpy than self-declared pulp-horror author, Stephen King himself. By the time I’d left primary school, already well into Micheal Crichton and having enjoyed reads and rereads of The Time Traveler, War of the Worlds, and Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein from a 4th grade teacher’s well-stocked classroom bookshelf. Since another classmate would usually beat me to play Oregon Trail first, or ensure my time didn’t extend beyond a set limit for what came to be a waiting list comprised of those first to finish their class work.

I ended up annoying my grandmother once watching a VHS with Jurassic Park and The Land Before Time taped onto it from television until it came to have some static and film grain. I don’t even remember what the thing for recording stock VHS tapes was called, Digital DVR had its short-lived phase when I came to toy with technology and I didn’t ever find myself needing to record anything anyway. Since I always preferred books and videogames to watching movies and television, anyway. Then Turok came out long before DVR and I played that on a friend’s Nintendo 64, boy, that long car-ride across the American Southwest as she just looked at me, shook her head and smiled as I raved about a native American dude hunting down mutants and dinosaurs with a bow and arrow.

I wonder where that Jurassic Park fighting game for the Playstation 1 ended up, that game was one of the best PS1 titles if you ask me, alongside CTR and Digimon World 1 and 3.

By Manuel Ignacio Mier Aguirre, Jr., of Morelia, Michoacan de Ocampo. Mexico. 7/30/2020

Born October 29th, 1992 –

A Eulogy Among Many to John Lewis, 1940-2020

Today I learned of John Lewis, I hardly think anyone could blame me for not being aware of United States members of the House of Representatives even when they were Civil Rights movement idols, given I am Mexican. Suddenly a name explodes on hashtags and social media and I learn a hero has taken his final breath recently.

Not just John Lewis, but I learn of the other 4 members that composed the Big Six that led the Civil Rights movement into full-swing, already aware of the more popular Martin Luther King, Jr, and a fan of his criticism to both Capitalism and Communism upon promoting a path between the two for communal values while retaining profit as a goal. Whitney Young, Roy Wilkins, James Farmer, and A. Philip Randolph. Names I’m unlikely to actively memorize entirely in the future, but important none-the-less, our current moment built upon millions of acts grand and small by many forgotten among the few remembered. Aside from these peaceful social activists and business leaders, the more militant leader of the Black Panthers, Malcolm X, was also instrumental to the movement as many undoubtedly already know to some degree, often brushed aside not just for their more radical stance, but also for his fervent upholding of Socialism as a must. Though the violence, as always, was unfortunate and best avoided, it is my belief the Panthers were key to the struggle as their radicalism made the more rational Civil Rights leaders appear ever-more appealing with their demands as a way to begin quelling the acts of militant action taken by the more radicalized disenfranchised black youth.

Despite acts of kidnapping and small-scale gun fights, the Black Panthers message spread to even black athletes whom Olympic prestige kept from the upheaval in inner-city streets, first and third places medalists Tommie Smith and John Carlos risking their awards to declare allegiance with a Black Panther salute upon their podiums in the 1968 Mexico City Olympics, in a gesture not unlike that seen today when some athletes take a knee in solidarity with Black Lives Matters activists. Only weeks after the bloody massacre of Mexican student protesters on a plaza overlooked by apartment buildings pertaining to the National Autonomous University of Mexico, the 1960s a time of rebellious turmoil pushing ideals new to many, the 2nd of October, 1968 perhaps the bloodiest massacre of protesters on an urban bloc to date in North America as government officials sought to keep the disruptions from affecting the 1968 Olympics.

Lewis was a Christian raised Baptist, usually of the strictest Protestant faiths. Lewis was not only hero to colored civil rights, but his entire career paints him a champion to LGBTQ liberation, women’s rights, and the upkeeping the separation of Church and State mandated by the American constitution. A defender to the two of them juxtaposed, denouncing that State must not promote religion nor use tax for the ends of any one Church in a multicultural nation, and that Church must be separate to denounce law should it deviate from Christian values of tolerance and love thy neighbor, whatever color, race, or religion he or she may be.

The political theory of John Lewis paints Church as another revision of checks and balances in authority, that must be apart lest it be absorbed to justify abuse against other religions and minority groups not a part of it. So Church does not serve State and State does not serve Church nor subvert beliefs sacred to some for agendas even contrary to once core values. Even if Democratically, State often comes to serve the will of a majority when they are religious, the laws a State upholds exist to defend the rights of all citizens not necessarily forming a part of that majority, including their right to freedom of speech, and freedom to express beliefs contrary to that religion. So that religion is freely chosen, not forced upon any adult that abandons even should they choose to raise children without it.

His political career would begin formally as a representative of a district within the state of Georgia where he served unbroken from January 3, 1987 to July 17, 2020 beloved by those who would vote time and time again for him.

By Manuel Ignacio Mier Aguirre, Jr. 7/18/2020. Morelia, Mich. de Ocampo, Mexico.

‘Which media would you consider a life-changing experience?’

By Manuel Ignacio Mier Aguirre, Jr. 7/11/2020. Morelia, Michoacan de Ocampo. Mexico.

Originally my response to a thread on r/askreddit:

Cloud Atlas.

The whole never-ending conflict between seeing others as objects to maximize for profit and seeking some humanity against that, and the whole Moriori’s concept of pacifism left me captivated. I have a mild temper that gets explosive when someone manages to detonate it, and leaves me irritable against people who deserve better from me, but I’d never want to harm anyone else, and I don’t harbor hate, and it seems to me they sort of got it right. To hate someone for simply being different and much more, to kill in hot blood blinded by hate, probably does change you into something I’d never want to be. Sure, maybe they could have defended themselves, but who am I to judge. It really did lead me back to the light at a desperate point of my life, I would read it annually every spring for 3 years running.

The Giver hit me hard in middle school, and back then I felt like the only one interested in the dark emotionally hurtful side of history and learning from it, or maybe I just didn’t express myself well to connect with others who cared, given I was a solemn and grumpy serious teen which would make some people fear me.

I wish I’d read The Little Prince in elementary or middle school, it left me with many things I probably would have been better off with in the following years had I read it then and not in adulthood, ‘It is madness to hate roses because one has been pricked by a thorn.’

100 Years of Solitude, really, just a great summary of the madness that is Latin America.

The Elephant Man also left me quite insightful, and disappointed in the callous nature we can adopt before suffering, myself included. I’ve never been one to enjoy sadism, or to laugh at others suffering, but I have fallen into insults and toxic behavior at times.

Also enjoyed Schindler’s List. Cried at the end, how human lives can be counted in objects under such conditions, yet had Oskar Schindler not made some show of luxury he likely would have been caught out as a traitor to the Third Reich. How people can be so petty to dehumanize others into entirely untrustworthy others for slave labor based on generalizations and subjugation driven by propaganda, even of the same skin tone, I’ve always avoided that, I don’t hate any one people or group. I think there’s always good people among every category, even if they get shoved down and submitted by the rest. I don’t open my heart to just anyone, because people are so quick to twist it towards their ends or some agenda unforeseen, but I just try to be respectful even if sometimes I fall into disrespect after feeling like someone instigated me, and it comes to be directed against others who weren’t the cause.

Really enjoyed My Neighbor Totoro and Song of the Sea, two animated films appropriate for children that I discovered due to watching with a partner, and the other in-class, which melted me as I was in a hardened mentality, reminding me why I need to enjoy some of the lighter simply pretty things in life rather than just bleak science fiction literature and violent first person shooter games to help keep me from falling into the dark before overwhelming negative information. Adventure Time used to do that for me, but its been a few years since the series finale and I don’t think I’m interested in the continuation.

Loved the world and lore of Fallout: New Vegas as well. The concept of people inspiring themselves in history however distorted their vision, finding some spark in old books and symbols to play out the same tragic conflicts even after a world-ending nuclear apocalypse shattered the nations that were. The tale of Joshua Graham’s potential redemption helping a mostly pacifist tribe come to survive against more brutal adversaries after finding himself left for dead then nurtured to life by them, a brutal, callous man who is quite horrifying. But without whom The Sorrows likely would have perished or been enslaved. Ulysses’s perhaps melodramatic dialogue over how the major factions blindly repeat history by following symbols inspired by old, to divide into opposing empires, Caesar’s Legion repeating the age-old practice of slavery, but allowed to grow into power by the NCR’s passive and at times open hostility towards tribes like the Great Khans not interested in emulating an America of old based out of their centers of power in California upon adopting old customs, dress, and ways of being. While the Legion would play tribes against each other and absorb them into a looser union guided by brutality that is easier to adopt for some, at the cost of other more peaceful tribes, the aforementioned Sorrows being preyed upon on mandate of Caesar to be enslaved and killed as a rite of passage to two other tribes sharing their territory for example. And fun things, like how the reclusive Boomers were actually quite jovial and curious people but with a paranoia and fear of an uncivilized outside world that they have kept apart for so long with their arsenal of heavy weapons and long range artillery until the player manages to make contact with them to show them there remains some civilization with interest in bilateral mutual benefit beyond. Even if the quest connecting a Boomer and an outsider who had been spying on each other over the no-man’s-land sharing mutual romantic crushes was a bit corny in all honesty, the Boomers as a whole were endearing.

The Enclave seniors being brought together by the player to help defend the rising NCR espousing a rule similar to the America they once sought to uphold as enemies to the wasteland’s survivors from their military bunkers, to reunite to fight in defense of their former enemy in old age realizing how misguided they once were, and how what they once wanted is perhaps coming to be under the NCR. The Brotherhood of Steel also similarly sharing a path should one choose and complete it to bring them out from their reclusive defensive stance of hording technology for themselves lest it be abused to apocalyptic circumstances once-more, due to that fictional 2077 America having come to make hidden experimental weapons installations of even their solar power plants prior to the apocalypse which left so many hidden perils, yet that same energy grid being vital to better living standards in the post-apocalypse once repaired.

The ongoing Song of Ice and Fire series left me melancholic and contemplative yet enraptured with its rich world-building and depths of character building rarely seen elsewhere, at least not by me. Even for vile characters the closest to one-dimensional evil is Euron Greyjoy, with leagues more fear-inspiring sadism than his HBO counterpart, with the Boltons also reveling in such ghastly acts, again Ramsay coming to exceed his father’s more restrained atrocities. Perhaps Gregor Clegane too while lacking the wit and cunning of the former while making up for it with brute strength and size, ‘The Mountain that Rides’, though clearly he has some brain damage with his constant migraines, and the Lannisters have essentially bred the Clegane household to be their guard dogs. This doesn’t excuse his actions of ultraviolence against even the defenseless. The viewpoint following a different character each chapter allows one to see how those still capable of redemption like Jaime even change in their internal perspective of others throughout the anthology.

Little over half of my small library. Rest spread out throughout the room on shelves & atop objects safe from humidity & crumbs. Many books I’d like to add, to a more orderly furnishing. Dinosaur atlas the sole object I still possess since infancy.
‘Ignorance of the other engenders fear, fear engenders hatred, hatred engenders violence, violence engenders further violence until the only “rights,” the only law, are whatever is willed by the most powerful.’ – pg. 344, ‘An Orison of Somni-451.’ Cloud Atlas, by David Mitchell. 2004.

Pg. 509, final page, ‘The Pacific Journal of Adam Ewing’. Cloud Atlas, by David Mitchell.

By Manuel Ignacio Mier Aguirre, Jr. 7/11/2020. Morelia, Michoacan de Ocampo. Mexico.

A summarized recounting of the Second World War encompassing most fronts. From the Blitzkrieg to the Fall of Berlin

*Forewarning: includes mentions of war crimes and atrocities, including sexual violence and unethical experimentation.

‘The Volkssturmgewehr (“People’s Assault Rifle”) is the name of several rifle designs developed by Nazi Germany during the last months of World War II. They share the common characteristic of being greatly simplified as an attempt to cope with severe lack of resources and industrial capacity in Germany during the final period of the war.

The weapon’s name can be translated directly either as “People’s assault rifle” or “Volkssturm rifle.” Volkssturm, the German late war militia home defense force, means “People’s Assault”; Sturmgewehr translates as “assault rifle”.’

From Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Volkssturmgewehr

Made in three viable variants beginning with the VG1-1 in late 1944, culminating in the VG1-5, to arm civilian German militias founded for last-ditch defense of German cities towards the end of the war, these militias sometimes even composed of the elderly and children were designated Deutscher Volkssturm, also bolstering the armories of conventional Wehrmacht ground forces. Using original parts as well as spares taken from the production lines of Kar-98 bolt-action rifles, Gewehr 43 semi-automatic rifles and sometimes including parts appropriate to the MP-44 Sturmgewehr. 

The MP-44 famous for being known as the first assault rifle, coming to set the standard for standard infantry rifles since. Soon after the war it would be reverse engineered by Mikhail Kalashnikov to craft the Soviet Union’s iconic AK-47 rifle, the Automat Kalashnikov line to distance itself from its Third Reich origins by including sleek wooden furnishing for a more of-the-earth traditional look, with following updates utilizing the same principles of design, beginning with the AKM rifle of the 1950s. Most alleged AK-47 rifles in circulation today actually being these updated AKM rifles improving upon the original design for added durability.

The VG1 line of firearms produced by Nazi Germany were made as part of emergency contingency plan Primitiv-Waffen-Programm, which translates to Primitive Weapons Program in English. Which was planned and put into motion during the final months of 1944 as the war approached an end with American, Canadian and English troops encroaching ever-closer into Germany from the West and Soviet Union ground forces doing the same from the East, quickly retaking territory briefly held by Nazi Germany in their advance.

VG1-1, VG1-2, and VG1-5 rifles chambered for 8mm rounds appropriately being emblematic as yet another example of Nazi Germany’s alleged fixation with over-engineering much of their equipment with an obsession for minor details best described as anal. For added functionality, diversity of end-use, even comfort for vehicle operators, while also coming to mean more moving parts that may be damaged or must otherwise be maintained for optimal use. Highly specific individual parts likely to provoke an annoyance should back-ups run out. Necessitating a replenishment of supplies including spare parts to replace, which would culminate in increased reliance on preserving the stability of industrial production and the transportation of industrial output to the chaotic front lines. The risk of delaying a desperately needed repair for equipment to be usable compounded by the likelihood of unfortunate airstrikes, destruction of infrastructure such as bridges, or potential ambushes that may surprise transport vehicles behind the expected area of operations.

Although it was a rifle designed and produced in a rush as Nazi Germany refused to surrender despite being overwhelmingly surrounded, to my understanding the weapon had more individual parts to assemble and moving bits in-operation when compared to the Soviet PPsh-41 or PPsh-43, American M3 ‘Grease Gun,’ or United Kingdom Sten Mk II submachine guns in-service with opposing military forces.

Promoters of over-engineering coming to be a detriment to German military efficiency during World War Two as a theory often promote the Tiger I and Tiger II heavy tanks as examples of this, though Panzer tanks and other models are also generally more highly-engineered with diverse and minute parts for various systems compared to Allied tanks to my knowledge. Tanks utilized by the United Kingdom and American ground forces, most famously the Sherman, easily outnumbering German tanks due to the United States untouched industrial capacities producing them on optimized assembly lines seemingly with no end in sight during the height of the war. While often lacking comparable armor and firepower to some German tanks in the rare circumstance that they would face one single-handedly, Sherman Firefly variant aside, Allied tanks generally came to out maneuver and ultimately defeat German tanks facilitated by their numbers and if I’m not mistaken, a faster velocity to cover ground. Even the Soviet highly-acclaimed T-34 main battle tank, considered by many the best tank overall produced during the war, and most visually appealing of them by myself, generally being faster to produce. Production of T-34 tanks often being done with battles raging just beyond the factory walls, the still unpainted tank, sometimes lacking details such as an optical sight for the main gun, rushed outside to face the German invaders.

Nazi Germany struggled to maintain production of their highly-engineered armored vehicles, as well as just about everything else, in the latter half of the war, Despite increasingly diminished output following heavy Allied air raids which would level factories, military bases, and sometimes unfortunately, also non-military targets which made contingency plans such as Primitiv-Waffen-Programm a necessity to continue fighting, production continued wherever possible. Bombings of non-military objectives in the European front of the war so as to devastate morale in-hopes of instigating surrender is exemplified by the firebombing of Dresden, Germany. Science fiction fantasy author, as well as renowned anti-war activist following the war, Kurt Vonnegut experienced this firebombing personally. He survived the incineration beside fellow prisoners of war sheltered by the cellar where they were kept. The horrifying sights that surrounded them as their German captors enlisted their efforts to tidy-up the destruction described through a stand-in fictional character in his science fiction novel Slaughterhouse 5.

Events such as this, as well as the enlistment of women, elderly men, and children armed and coerced into militias against invaders making a slaughter of them, even the astounding number of rapes preying upon German women by invading Soviet troops in their advance, cases purported to have reached into the tens of thousands, resulting in the first German post-war generation including many children born to unnamed and preferably forgotten Russian fathers. All of this permitted to continue by Adolf Hitler, displaying a lack of concern with loss of life either military nor civilian as he refused to surrender out of stoic pride. Defeat was finally accepted by the last German forces still fighting on May 4th, 1945. A few days after the Fuhrer’s suicide within his subterranean bunker in Berlin on April 30th, 1945.

The Pacific theater of the war against Imperial Japan to end months later on September 2, 1945. Following devastating firebombings of Japanese towns and military bases which culminated in the horrifying deployment of the first atomic bombs seen in warfare dropped on the cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Thoroughly shocked and awed by the sight, Japan finally accepted defeat. After dreadful years spent pushing them back accomplished by the daunting efforts undertaken by United States Marine forces with some assistance from Australian troops, remaining Philippines resistance, and the Mexican Air Force at that time composed of 300 airman plus support staff, for a total of 25 aircraft deployed to the Philippines for translation duties with Spanish-speaking locals, and bolstering of patrols maintaining air security over the course of the liberation of the Philippines from Japanese Imperial forces. Completing a total of 96 missions over the Philippines and Taiwan. Mexican efforts were pivotal not just to securing the Philippines and Taiwan from the Japanese, but also to work their agricultural industries at home with most of the American men abroad fighting, and women not also working agriculture instead operating the assembly lines of tireless military industrial factories producing all manner of equipment. U-boat watch duty, and assistance in flushing them out by dropping depth charges on encountered German submarines, also coming to be undertaken by Mexican naval forces in the Gulf of Mexico. While US Marines island hopped across the Pacific as Chinese and Korean forces struggled before the atrocities committed by an overwhelming Imperial Japanese invasion. To be finally relieved by Russian ground forces edging past Manchuria towards the end of the war, as American Marines & co. surrounded and choked off the island that is the Japanese mainland.

The dropping of the atom bombs, and the fire bombings which ultimately killed more despite lacking the same theatrical effect in months prior to that, are still debated by some concerning whether or not it was the best possible course of action. With defenders of the bombings proposing that an American ground invasion of Japan would have resulted in a total loss of life much larger than that which was experience with the bombings, to include dead American Marines in the statistics. Given the fact the Japanese civilian populace was in some areas supposedly so highly propagandized that they too were willing to fight, however lacking in-arms, the American invaders. In some places the horrors the Imperial Japanese Military would espouse as soon-to-follow once Marines arrived on Japanese soil described as so barbaric, the fear of them provoked the breakdown of some civilian households in the most devastating ways possible. Women and children committing suicide lest they be raped and cannibalized by fearsome Americans, and the men preparing for combat before this feared invasion.

Some Japanese civilians expected the fictionalized United States Marines shown to them in propaganda to be well capable, fully intent on, and even relishing of their desire to commit upon them the same horrors that the Imperial Japanese Military infamously committed upon Korean and Chinese civilians elsewhere. As well as Australian and American prisoners of war. Of which some of these unfortunate souls from many backgrounds captured by Imperial Japan on the Pacific theater came to experience the terrors of scientific investigation Unit 731′s laboratories. Though Unit 731 did not reach the same industrial scale as the holocaust, their unethical even sadistic experiments easily rivaled medical and biological experiments committed by Third Reich scientists upon Jews and other political dissidents kept captive in concentration camps. Such depraved experimentation committed upon chosen members of a slave force being worked to death in concentration camps, or unfortunate enough to have been detained by Unit 731, more aptly described as sadistic torture in my opinion, and experiments upon unwilling persons unable to escape which compose the studies are best described elsewhere.

Japanese Imperial Troops of World War Two were famed for their blatant disregard of laws concerning warfare established following World War One. In stark contrast to the even gentlemanly and respectful treatment shown to German prisoners of war by American or English forces. And the respective German treatment of prisoners of war from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and other Western European nations in detainment. Only exempting from such respectful treatment the troublesome known for attempted escapes, surrendered troops identified to be Jews in ethnicity, and captured Soviet troops. Since despite sharing similar skin tone, Adolf Hitler also promoted the genocide of ethnicities proper to Russia, considering them subhuman. The Eastern European front coming to include among the battles that reached into the heart of Russia, touching the outskirts of Moscow and back to Berlin, many exchanges of back-and-forth atrocities upon civilians and troops of the opposing nation. Following the declaration of war upon Russia, years of latent hatred towards Communists detonated, with the Third Reich betraying an uneasy truce by invading a Soviet Russia that had already been battling Finnish troops.

Briefly uniting the Soviet Union despite previous tensions with the world’s Western European powers allied to the United States, The United States industrial output to further benefit crucially the other Allied nations, as European industries had been left thoroughly devastated by war. 

The United States industrial output was instrumental to equipping and feeding the Soviet Red Army in-preparation for their highly effective counter-offensive that would remain unstoppable all the way to Berlin, following the German offensive that nearly reached the Kremlin, destroying factories along their path until being halted at the outskirts of Moscow, through the lend-lease program that provided spare American M1 helmets, Thompson submachineguns, and M1 Garand battle rifles as well as transport trucks and a few Sherman tanks to accompany the Russian armored divisions composed mostly of T-34s alongside other Soviet designs. The push suffering only minor setbacks as conflicts such as the bloody Battle of Stalingrad dragged on, some of those trapped within the besieged city as the Red Army sought to displace the occupying Wehrmacht forces reportedly coming to rely on cannibalism to survive on one occasion. Those documented abuses committed on the Eastern Front endless in number, with those left to scrutinize such details following the war perhaps more fortunate for many others escaping documentation, given the lack of justice in known cases, Any country unfortunate enough to be caught in-between the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany also having experienced the same or similar events within their borders, upon their men, women, and children, usually with no retribution in-sight. The chaos not allowing any potential justice beyond indiscriminately killing the opposing force and hoping some abuser who may have wronged you or a member of your community is among the dead.

The Soviet Union was notably the military force to have among the ranks of the Red Army the highest number of women filling combat roles, including the Night Witches, a squadron of women pilots who would conduct night operations against Nazi Germany, and other notable cases including women sharpshooters renowned and acclaimed by their fellow soldiers for their high kill counts of German soldiers. One such woman was highly propagandized as ‘The Lady of Death,’ and would retire from the front lines to train other sharp shooters after being deemed too important to moral to lose. Another famed case was that of a Soviet factory worker, who upon losing her husband, a tank operator, was allowed to take under her command a T-34 to avenge him.

An openly permissive attitude of attacks against civilians committed by the Soviet Union’s troops, likely resulting from how the men and women composing the Red Army shared a fury against the invading military from those lands they now found themselves penetrating in counter-offensive, even fervently seeking vengeance for the similarly ghastly horrors imparted upon their own civilians and homes by Third Reich Germany. This often rapid oncoming tide of ground forces into German population centers between defeated military objectives, as the Red Army gained momentum and found increased vigor granted by positive moral from successful battles, officers who would otherwise be expected to seek the administering of justice upon potential abusers guilty of actions against civilians, likely preferring to not dampen the mood of their fighting men by interrupting battles and pillaging with lines of firing squads killing men of their own uniform.

In comparison, documented abuses committed by soldiers of the United States military in Western Europe came to be committed by a known total of 98 servicemen. Who were then summarily executed for their crimes of either raping or murdering  civilians and even other soldiers, before being buried in a small grassy field surrounded by visually uninteresting bushes kept uniformly cut. The United States military declining to take their bodies home for bringing shame upon their operations in fellow Allied nations. Additionally refusing to grant them the similar decor they would leave as marked headstones for other American troops left buried abroad where honored fallen veterans rest on more cherished fields, places their loved ones and following generations could visit in remembrance. On other plots of the same cemetery or the many other American cemeteries spread throughout Western Europe, numbering a total of 26.

Including The Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial also found elsewhere in France, forevermore housing resting troops that lost their lives taking the  sea-side cliff sides of Normandy as D-Day dragged on. These troops left on this particular spot of Oise-Aisne American Cemetery And Memorial, buried following execution by firing squad or hanging, with  small white bricks set into the grass designating the  buried offender’s name and serial number. This cemetery plot just another grassy field when viewed from a distance, lacking the visually identifiable crosses and headstones marking the tombs of other troops buried here, out of the way from usual  traffic that would visit the pantheon of cemetery grounds in Northern France. The nondescript name of Plot E not giving  away any hint of the contents rotting beneath the grass, tucked away  from other plots and not even marked on the map intended to guide visitors to where their fore fathers who died in battles retaking occupied France may be buried. Main plots A, B, C, and D much grander  in-scope, lining either side of the paved path leading down the center of the pantheon.

Finland, and nearby Poland were among those unfortunate to be caught between the claws of the angered Soviet bear and a German Nazi Imperial Eagle swooping past its upraised claws towards Moscow. The Finnish Army had an interesting history distinct when compared to that of any other nation’s war efforts, fighting initially for the Axis by repelling a Soviet invasion in 1939 solely of their own efforts, before repeating this action with Axis support again in 1941, to continue until 1944. Of the three stages undergone by Finland over the course of the conflict, the third and final stage found the Finnish military switching sides to instead repel German occupiers from their territories that had previously assisted against the Soviets, sweeping clean their many fortifications and troops occupying Finnish territory. Following the end of the war, due to their participation as an Axis ally until 1944, post-war agreements saw fit to give 10% of then Finnish territory over to Soviet Union ownership in reparations made for grievous losses inflicted upon the Red Army. Poland further Southwest famously giving birth to the Armia Krajowa, or Home Army in Polish, which was founded to fight both German and Soviet troops encroaching into Polish territory and preying upon Polish civilians. The Home Army militia resisting alongside the remaining conventional Polish military not appropriated by Nazi Germany into their schemes during occupation. Fighting against Nazi German occupiers with their Polish collusion hunting dissidents and Jews while attempting to aid their refuge and escape from German held territories, later to also face Soviet Union invaders seeking to conquer Poland as their own, rather than liberate the locals from the Third Reich. Even as Nazi Germany continued to hold the capital of Warsaw for the majority of the war. 

The Soviet Union’s similar and equally lethal persecution of Jewish people sentenced to labor till death at gulags alongside peasants deemed unreformable, mentally unfit, even too stupid to educate prior to even trying, as well as other undesirable peoples including homosexuals and those addicted to anything other than Soviet produced alcohol, remains a lesser known fact today. Even with Josef Stalin’s paranoid witchhunt of traitors among the Red Army’s ranks and the USSR’s government for political reasons being more widely known and taught, respective information more easily available.

The actions of Armia Krajowa as the Polish resistance less renowned than those of the Dutch resistance, with the present but least active French resistance somehow coming to be the most famous for insurgency against Nazi German occupation. Possibly because not only did they fight Soviet troops considered by other nations to be properly Allied forces unified against the Axis, but the distance including Germany then under the Third Reich between them and other Western Allied troops rendered assistance by special forces mostly unable to reach and fight alongside the Polish resistance. Also French cultural output in art and cinema was, and still is by many, acclaimed and cherished abroad, which facilitated the sharing of their acts done to spite and weaken the German occupiers following liberation. The retaking of the famous monuments pertaining to France, many of them such as the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe beloved abroad, was made a highly publicized spectacle shared on newspapers abroad, heard on radios elsewhere, not shying from photographers documenting the incoming Allied forces in the least-bit.

Often SAS groups with American specialists occasionally invited would come to operate within enemy territory clandestinely, while other spies remained active in subtle espionage. With such daring tales of their acts behind held Axis lines including an insertion by scuba diver into a historic castle where Nazi officials were holding a party with many celebrities and influential figures invited, the diver’s diving wear specially designed so as to not permit the tailored tuxedo suit beneath to become wet underwater, the sabotage by bombing committed by the Dutch resistance with some OSS assistance to destroy a heavy water facility required for potential future development of an atomic bomb by Nazi Germany high in the mountains, only to exfiltrate by skiing down the snowy mountainside slopes, and the more blatant SAS raid utilizing a frigate packed with explosives and accompanied by smaller craft, SAS troopers aboard, to rush into a u-boat coastal hangar that had been troublesome to naval traffic during the war after detonating the larger vessel that had been rammed into the dock, among the many other known and unknown acts by those cherished and forgotten in their failure or success.

Their many subtle and blatant unconventional acts of warfare assisting the conventional taking of military objectives by Allied standard infantrymen with their accompanying air support. That is of course, when actions done to soften up positions and ease their successful capture prior to invasion were not instead of carpet bombings indiscriminately targeting infrastructure, industrial facilities, military objectives, and civilian businesses or housing. Pilots of bomber aircraft, if the objective wasn’t already indiscriminate bombing of a population center, sometimes unable to accurately drop their payload given the active resistance placing stress upon them composed of German anti-aircraft emplacements and German aircraft of upmost efficient designs, downing many a plane from the sky. Which included in the final years of the war the first jet aircraft in-action faced by some Allied bomber crews.

The speed enjoyed by the pilots of those first jets making them untouchable, while also playing to their detriment. Since on-board weaponry was still limited to that utilized by previous aircraft, similarly lacking in capabilities to guide a munition locked to a thermal signature or other source to compensate for this new-found speed. These deployed experimental jet fighters of the Third Reich finding their options to be machine guns, unguided rockets, drop and forget bombs, and cannons of sizes between 20mm and 37mm. Though I do not actually know what combinations of these they actually carried into combat.

Compared to other contemporary propeller planes of the time, they would zip past the opposing aircraft they desired to damage with less time to inflict damage with their own weaponry. Then face a longer time to line up another attack as they sped away and turned into an arch back in the direction they came from, with less time in the air to do so given how quickly these primitive jet aircraft would devour fuel compared to others. Pilots flying an advancement of the V2 rockets that rained down over England during the Battle of Britain years before, with added seats and controls, in-addition to a capacity to land demanded by Adolf Hitler. In juxtaposition to his lack of concern for German life elsewhere, he decreed that German pilots held in high-esteem never be demanded to sacrifice their own precious lives in kamikaze attacks replicating those committed by Japanese pilots upon American naval vessels.

The Special Air Service founded in 1941 by Sir David Stirling of the United Kingdom being the first modern example of what is today special forces groups trained and deployed by just about every military of considerable size for objectives deemed unconventional to the standard infantrymen or women. The SAS came to undertake their first actions in warfare abroad, thereby earning their fame forevermore, in the Northern African campaign against Third Reich Germany and Italian forces of the Axis powers. The Axis effort spanning the deserts of Northern Africa led by German General Erwin Rommel, a man some hold in high regard looking back upon the war in retrospection upon examination of German officers, with a fondness I disagree with even if I hold the belief that there is a distinction between soldiers of the Third Reich undertaking their duties as military personnel, such duties worthy of respect even admiration when not done against civilians or other noncombatants, and those of the SS with their many allies in posts beneath them, as well as guards of the concentration camps enacting the holocaust.

Who dares wins.

Tales of the Marvellous and News of the Strange, a compilation of ancient Arabic fantasy adventure tales. Translated to English by Malcom Lyons in 1933 from a manuscript dating back to the 10th century, A.D., discovered in an ancient library of Istanbul, Turkey.

Commonly attributed to Sir David Stirling, founder of the United Kingdom’s Special Air Service during World War Two, who adopted the phrase as the motto for the still-active SAS in 1941.

Of those considered for concentration camp work, many of the guards posted to the ghastly duties of tending to the holocaust that was ongoing at the time unseen by the rest of the world, known about by few, were often chosen through psychological profiling specifically for their lower intelligence, tendency towards abusive acts, low temper, lack of education, most importantly placed there for cultural disconnection from, preferably even outright discrimination against the many Atheists, homosexuals, Communists, Anarchists, former drug addicts, and in the highest numbers among those stripped of liberty to be detained in these horrific conditions, the Jews. All of these political dissidents together undergoing the many abuses of the camps while being worked to death.

Homosexuals infamously returning to detainment either in the same concentration camps, or in more conventional prisons following the fall of the Third Reich, the divided German states that resulted from the respective occupations by recently formed North Atlantic Treaty Organization, or NATO, forces and differing Soviet-installed East German troops, still maintaining homosexuality as illegal in the years following World War Two. Josef Stalin to continue condoning the persecution of Jews beneath the Soviet Union, even though he had jumped at the opportunity to capitalize on positive publicity earned when Soviet troops freed Jews and other dissidents held in Nazi concentration camps. English mathematician, early computer scientist, and known homosexual Alan Turing also suffering aggressive persecution despite his instrumental efforts to resolving and breaking encrypted German telegraph transmissions and interpreting coded radio messages. Coming to even suffer chemical castration forced upon him by authorities in the years following the war. The abusive way that a man instrumental to the war effort had been treated for his homosexuality by the British government, not being recognized or publicly stated officially until comments made by then Prime Minister Gordon Brown in 2009 openly apologizing in disagreement with the appalling way authorities had treated Alan Turing prior to his death in 1954.

Such was the Nazis thoroughly documented effort, made entirely legal beneath their legislation, that upon examination of potential qualifiers for concentration camp guard duty, the distance between the guard’s hometown, or where he had spent much of his life, and the community from which most of a particular camp’s detainees were abducted was considered, even their differences in personal tastes and economic status seeking those furthest away from said detainees. The Nazis seeking efficiency above all not only in their engineering utilizing the materials drawn from the Earth, but also in how they realized that in the long-term an abundance of forests they could then pick and choose for clearing and regrowing would be a better practice for their health and that of the land’s in the future upon adopting required ecologist practices regulating land-use, to never lack-in wood out of an unrestrained industrial drive to clear all forestland for farmland and wood. As well as having forestland to hide-in should Third Reich citizenry, in their planned thousand year reign that never came to be, have to hide among them at some point from overflying aircraft upon having their population centers occupied by invaders, or otherwise increasingly scrutinized from freedom of action by instated occupiers enacting foreign interests. With deep enough forest terrain allowing them to remain hidden from routes more easily traversed by heavier armed vehicles in the wilderness.

As Nazi Germany, often even planting trees in areas recently displaced of locals, since they hoped to control so much territory that they would be able to clear vast swathes for agriculture and resource mining without too thoroughly stripping forest land. Desiring to count with such an excess a large part of it may remain untainted wilderness as land was developed for economic output elsewhere, due to their desired genocide of foreign populations deemed unneeded or excessively troublesome following defeat, outright removing any Jewish locals from newly conquered territories upon occupation, when not requiring of them or the labors of other locals for slave labor.

Provided they aren’t instead viewed as worthy of citizenship as an Aryan, paid for labors in industry or assisting in the persecution of dissidents, Jews among them, in their new territories that person may call home, even if the name given to said home is changed to something preferred by Nazi Germany. Undesirables to later be replaced by Aryan citizens should the Third Reich have been established as it was planned, claiming a glorious 1000 year reign to ensue the end of the war. A utopia for racists and sadists who loved crisp uniforms and over-engineering the slightest curve along the blade of a potato-peeler, following the end of their need for a work force, and timely removal of it. It is claimed that when flying over some forests of Western Europe, one can come to see an occasional Swastika composed of tree tops differing in color to surrounding vegetation, a defiant monument to the now defunct Third Reich’s existence, yet to be toppled as trees for the people they represent. The Swastika, a symbol stolen from an Eastern pacifist religion called Jainism, of the most ancient faiths of India, alongside the Buddhism it shares some core tenants to, and Hinduism also proper to Indian peoples. These often out of the way Swastikas made of leaves to remain visible from a God’s eye view for the foreseeable future to come. Extending this desired exceedingly total administration for their human resources as well in increasingly intimate ways.

These psychological profiling tests and measures used by the Nazis, derived and specialized towards different ends from the psychological and ability measurement tests that came to be increasingly perfected by the United States Military during World War I. Similarly returning to service when evaluating a newly recruited soldier’s ideal potential for any given area in World War II.

If the potential guard being considered for concentration camp duty was not instead outright lacking in tastes. Having been deprived of such enrichment, or instead lacking any interest and curiosity in knowledge and culture. More likely to blindly follow orders given by authorities unquestioningly for this compared to other members of the Third Reich with an appreciation for intellectual achievement, and instead perhaps even finding enjoyment in sadistic destruction given their lacking of any appreciation for the fruits of creation. Meanwhile Nazis with more delicate sensibilities, or even lacking in any prejudices while also not falling into any of the discriminated groups nor opposing the regime themselves, found themselves freed of coming to witness the horrors driving their regime, similarly profiled to decide better posts tailored to their talents and present abilities, or potential ones, elsewhere, their hands at first glance clean of innocent blood. While the fate of political dissidents was mostly known by the core German populace in urban centers, many found it easy to feign ignorance or simply allow themselves to forget that others were present in recent years past as life continued to appear normal for them up until the invasion of Nazi Germany in reprisal against their imperialism. Some of them enjoying the riches stolen from those being worked to death at the concentration camps, often even being business rivals who’d come to steal the properties of a dissident or Jew finding themselves empowered to do so by the Third Reich. The regular trains to these camps providing ideal places to strip any luggage of value from those transported, if they weren’t instead abducted from homes and hiding places, possessions taken outright from their dwellings. Unmarked train station rooms designated by Nazi officers for the brief housing of attractive women of Jewish ethnicity or pertaining to some other dissident group, to then rape these women while they still possessed some healthy vigor yet to be stripped by the holocaust prior to forcing them onto the train, referred to as joy divisions by the officials operating them in open jest. 

The persecution of the Jews itself an opportunistic capitalization upon the latent prejudices underlying German society prior to the war, with a German populace additionally desperate due to indignation felt by a public opinion that Germany was made to pay excessively reparations for a First World War they were not responsible for starting. This being because the Jews, always an industrious people taking of even niche chances for income not usually taken by most of society, further bolstering their communities due to their tight-knitted mentality and shared traditions, held a lot of wealth that continued to empower them in society, and alleviate their children from poverty, in spite of the conditions onset by these forced pay-outs and the effects of global economic depression.

Adolf Hitler allegedly called a Jewish doctor that had treated his mother when he was a child, to warn the man of what his plans soon to be enacted were to be, and how they may affect the doctor so that he may flee in-time, perhaps the lone Jew that Hitler felt any concern for due to the personal connection, this not being enough to thwart his racism towards other Jewish people, likely housing a ‘he’s one of the good ones,’ mentalities concerning that particular Jew. His plans continuing as he’d claimed to that Jewish doctor, stoking the latent hatred felt against Jews, and their perceived aloof privilege for enjoying of wealth due to their talent for administration of income, nourished since the medieval ages when Christians were not permitted to work in banking, leaving such an endeavor open to be undertaken by Jews. So that the violent theft of this well-earned income, and that of any who dared oppose in defense of them, would help finance his imperialist ambitions while using these people for the production of war materials and consumer goods while receiving no pay, inadequate food, regular beatings, before final death.

Other people not pertaining to aforementioned groups coming to join them indiscriminately should they themselves dissent to Nazi Germany’s will. Including on one occasion a Polish Catholic priest who chose to join many of the Jewish school children he taught rather than let them be taken alone on the trains leading to stops at the many operating camps within the territories closer to the heart of Nazi Germany, while many other Catholics instead remained willfully or blissfully ignorant to the situation, considering fascist Benito Mussolini’s rule of Italy offering their acceptance to the genocide, additionally given the Vatican’s approval for their Axis alliance to Nazi Germany at the time. As the war neared closure, opposing forces approaching, these concentration camps rushed their already industrial-scale genocide of housed detainees using designs tailored specifically to this murderous end. Such as shower rooms which could double as gas chambers. Soviet troops came to be the first to liberate concentration camps and discover the horrors within shortly followed by other Allied troops penetrating Germany from the West in the coming days, finding themselves shocked, many previously unaware of the ongoing slaughter of political dissidents, as they tended to the many traumatized, undernourished, and often wounded survivors of the holocaust that Nazi Germany had enacted to steal the wealth of political opposition, while also making of them conveniently found slave labor to bolster their industries until their previously decided ultimate fate desired by the authorities of the Third Reich. The death chosen for them finally freeing these under nourished, beaten, enslaved detainees from work duties, if they hadn’t already collapsed to die due to illness under these conditions or instead succumbed to a bullet wound attempting resistance to escape from their fate, while potentially freeing others.

The Second World War would finally come to an end in 1945, after 6 years of ever-growing conflict spread across the globe. Beginning with Nazi Germany’s invasion and occupation of Poland in 1939, coinciding with the Soviet Union’s invasion of Finland in the same year. The United States would formally enter the conflict, many private actors already participating abroad in England, on December 7th, 1941, following Imperial Japan’s surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. After years of growing tensions between Japan and the United States over oil in Southeast Asia, as Japan’s imperial ambitions grew and it required the oil for its growing war machine, they finally launched this attack hoping to limit the United States capacity to operate in the Pacific against them. Imperial Japan had already been attempting to conquest the Chinese mainland prior to World War Two during the 1930s, and would to continue their atrocities committed upon the Chinese throughout World War Two. Axis Germany and Italy would follow-up with formal declarations of war against the United States on December, 11th, 1941. While the losses were heavy, the dead many to be mourned, including flagship Arizona’s hefty loss with 1177 American servicemen among the dead on-board that day, the United States would ultimately push back the Japanese Imperial forces occupying much of the Pacific and South Asia to ultimately end the war with the detonation of the first atomic bombs used in warfare, to date the only atomic or nuclear weapons deployed in anything other than tests.

“I fear we have awakened a sleeping giant and filled him with a terrible resolve.”

– Isoroku Yamamoto, Marshal Admiral of the Imperial Japanese Navy

By Manuel Ignacio Mier Aguirre, Jr. Of Morelia, Michoacan de Ocampo, Mexico. 6/28/2020.

Introspection fueled by an introduction to Bayesian thinking.


This page is a Godsend to me as I am. Both full of new information, and more thorough definitions of things I’d already identified about myself. Details I must keep in-check as I shed previous coping mechanisms and attempt to replace them with healthier ones, and just about everything else wrong with me.Easy to have some comprehension as to what the formulas concerning Bayes theorem allude to concerning perception, which in-turn makes the formulas easier to comprehend at a glance. Specially for the arithmetically illiterate like myself.Most formulas are pretty straight-forward, anyway.

From: https://www.mindcoolness.com/blog/bayesian-brain-predictive-processing/

  1. ‘Imagination may be a side-function of the brain’s predictive machinery based on high-level predictions that don’t travel all the way down the hierarchical cascade and aren’t matched with current sensory data, for example, by radically lowering the precision weighting on low-level error signals.
  2. Delusions and hallucinations may stem from alterations in the ability to integrate incoming data with perceptual predictions (see Griffin & Fletcher 2017).’

Threats to my life, my own exaggerated reaction, and an unexpected loss of an emotional connection, though it might be for the better in the long-term, has messed with my sense of connection to a wider world through that person, as well as the stability such emotional support offered. The sense of threat with origins unresolved leads to paranoid delusions and fantasies of the darkest kind, best suited for science fiction after analysis and separation from reality, rather than attempt to impose my ego over the delusion as having some control over it.

‘Mental disorder may be the inability to reduce interoceptive prediction errors.’

Well, that’s one way to put it.

‘Attention is expected precision optimization; it modulates the weight of prediction errors. Shifts in attention result from the hyperprior that the same sensorimotor hypotheses (lower-level priors) should not be retained for too long because the world is an ever-changing place that will kill you if you don’t adapt (which you can’t if you never shift your attention, if you always give the same weight to the errors of related predictions). Learning is the updating of your internal model based on prediction errors so that your predictions gradually improve. The better your predictions about the causal, probabilistic structure of the world, the more effectively you can engage with it. This is why teenagers move more fluently through space than toddlers, why you’re less clumsy at playing a sport or a musical instrument after having practiced the relevant motor skills, and why it’s important to pursue truth—enhanced effectiveness due to better predictions.’

The need to return from an excessively self-defensive mindset to accept new ideas and avoid fixation on past threats that have yet to present themselves again, as well as abandon past comforts from relationships that should have ended sometime in the past. To overcome ideas geared to push me towards violence, I made myself bigger than the threat, but made myself easier to trigger over the things that concern me. Since I truly do not like violence, nor do I wish it on anybody, and I lack any sadism, not relishing in anybody’s pain, I need to shed the mask I’d taken to shrug off threats from others by making my own.

‘At the same time, the predictive nature of human cognition explains why we tend to get enslaved by habits, feel drawn to comfort zones, and shy away from uncertainty. Beyond habits, comforts, and certainties, our priors and hyperpriors are less reliable, which leads us to make worse predictions and get higher prediction errors. But high prediction errors are precisely what the brain works so hard to prevent. The effort of radically updating our models to accommodate novel, unfamiliar situations can be so high that the brain simply decides to trigger feelings of fear, anxiety, or discomfort to motivate us to stick to what we can more reliably predict, i.e., our habitual behavior patterns in comfort zones of soothing regularity.

If we want to leave or expand our comfort zones, we must convince our brains that the immediately resulting high prediction errors are worth it at a broader timescale. Accordingly, we can conceptualize willpower as a hyperprior—namely, as the abstract systemic prediction that, in certain contexts, higher prediction errors in the short term will lead to lower prediction errors in the long term. Self-control may thus minimize overall prediction error. But how can the average prediction error over time even matter to a brain that constantly has to deal with immediate errors in any given moment? The answer is to be found in…’

The need to shed the fear of the world’s competing interests to absorb what they have to teach me, as well as to abandon past habits done out of comfort as an unhealthy way to cope with emotional pain. To abandon the fear of losing total control of my environment, because ultimately one must for periods at a time to experience new environments.

From: https://medium.com/@manuel_brenner/the-thermodynamics-of-free-will-940cacd02401

‘The central idea of the theory is that every living system will look like it’s trying to minimize the difference between its internal model and the external sense data called Bayesian model evidence, which can be associated with a free energy. We know this Bayesian model evidence from everyday experience: it allows us to judge how good our hypothesis is after new evidence came in. A couple of outliers can usually still be accomodated with in a given hypothesis, but once evidence becomes overwhelming, we adjust our model. The speed of with which new evidence accounted for depends on how confident we are in our hypothesis. If we are ultra-confident, it takes a long time. A great example of when this new evidence is discarded is for followers of conspiracy theories. Their internal model of the world is so strong that all evidence is discarded and the model is not updated.’

Though I try to avoid common conspiracy theories, my heightened self-defensive mentality provoked by threats upon my well-being left me in an unhealthy state for normal day-to-day life, and ultimately I risk into falling into one of many delusions akin to conspiracy theories that arise from my own mind as I struggle to piece together the threat, the wider world beyond Michoacan de Ocampo, which ultimately separates me from analyzing my own failings. I’d fallen into this state of mind specifically to avoid someone attempting to radicalize me to their religious agenda, while also pushing conspiracy theories upon me, in one case to ask of me my help in attacking cellular towers. To which I declined, but remaining in this state is just creating more convoluted and horrific fantasies I then also try to pretend control over when it is but delusion whatever visions or hallucinations I may hear.

‘Once the brain finds itself in a situation with possible future worlds and possible actions to perform, it necessarily has to decide on which actions to take and what to do. We can perceive this competition between competing paths and actions taking place in our head. The free energy principle states that our brain is evolved to minimize the implicit surprise function by comparing our model of the world with our sensory input, adjusting that model and by finding the right strategies for action that minimize surprise/maximize Bayesian model evidence. People are trying to find out how precisely the brain processes these calculations. It should be noted that there are many layers at which these actions can take place in the brain: releasing a hormone or a neurotransmitter is similarily an action in the world that changes the behaviour of the system.

I defined will as the ability to predict futures and possible actions and then, based on our internal motivational framework, pick out one path by performing appropriate actions. The point is that through this self-organizational principle of living things, by a wider perspective on homeostatis, determinism takes on a different guise. Out of the thermodynamics of non-dissipative, “living” systems emerges directed, motivated action following an optimization principle from the “pure deterministic matter” that makes up our brain.’

The brain hates surprises unless they are pleasant/rewarding in-which it case it seeks to integrate them into the desired homeostasis?

My brain hates 2020 so far. 

Here’s hoping for some pleasant surprises or at least a healthier adaptation of my inner model to the exterior world. Any remaining unpleasant surprises to my own anger being let out too deliberately here, as the event that sparked it comes to be further in the past, I accept. As one when taking such a hard-line stance must do so, even if my ire came to be directed at people unrelated to threats against my life and beliefs.

Often it is just that which I’ve bottled up for too long and perhaps need a better outlet for. Given how I am generally a respectful and soft-spoken person in-public, respecting and tolerant of others when they are with me. Since my mental instability bled over to affect two relationships in months past, one I pushed away not wanting to push my own voice on a younger woman who should come to her own terms with things, and another that rightfully stood her ground to push me away, I don’t really care for relationships at the moment. But arguments or even words in solidarity would be welcome.

Because entropy is the long-term average of surprise, agents must avoid surprising states (e.g. a fish out of water). But there is a problem; agents cannot evaluate surprise directly; this would entail knowing all the hidden states of the world causing sensory input. However, an agent can avoid surprising exchanges with the world if it minimises its free-energy because free energy is always bigger than surprise.’

From The Free Energy Principle – A Rough Guide to the Brain, Pg. 294. By Karl Friston.

Wandering through daydreams, skirting around conspiracy theories.

It’s how they pull you in by the ego.

And because maybe, reading Thomas Pynchon is having some chaotic effect on my thought patterns.

Many years later, should he face a firing squad, Manuel Ignacio Mier Aguirre will remember the distant nights when fate brought him into a stranger’s gaze of ice, quickly warmed and melted to an inviting sea where he would meet sunrise for countless days afterward.

And once-more remind himself, that life was good.

Confident in his knowledge that at least, there will be no God to judge him as he rests in the eternal void, as one becomes both nothing and gradually one with everything once-more.

Though many he faced may come to spend their final and most prolonged moment, in fear of how their abuses may be seen, to confront dissatisfaction as they look back and see that they were deceived into chasing a reward that is not presenting itself, nor will it, as rich, poor, just and wicked, are all rendered equals before the emotionless constant of the void.

Long having past the point where they are capable of sating their thirst for Earthly pleasures and innate curiosity that propelled the apes to be the first species of Earth to ascend to civilization, and a more thorough intimacy to the infinite objective truths measured through his sciences coming to know even that beyond direct perception of the senses. Though, sadly incapable of ever coming to know everything.

And that even if there is a deity awaiting him, if it is one representing good, life, and justice, then it shall be unconcerned with however harsh men may have judged his fellow man in life, as he knows in his heart that he never came to abuse another, nor steal, nor defame that which did not merit defamation, nor covet the possessions of another unearned, at worst he found himself occasionally indulging in a little sloth. That even when he came to fib, such abuse of language is forgiven before any lover of life and the good, as it allowed him more freedom against those tending to sadist and malicious intents against the virtues of life, pursuit of happiness through richness in varied experience, and liberty.

That whatever he lacked, was more than made up for by that he enjoyed in abundance, far more than many come to experience, and far less provoking satisfaction that many lacking in nothing yet still craving more, will never know.

Decided that if a possible deity were to confront him in disagreement following his final breath, then it is a malevolent being with a hatred of life, and a sadistic taste for suffering, and must be opposed, however powerful it is or diverse its forms of rendering pain. For as a man, despite the occasional slips in childhood, his intentions were always noble and in-tune with his instincts. His lovers not coerced by gain nor survival, nor forced to his desires, his respect for the sanctity of others will and bodies present, his sportsmanship true, his presence and intent known, his patience rarely broken, his gratitude ever-present and modestly displayed, his self-defensive arms and threats never directed at the undeserving nor the innocent, that he never desired to see pain inflicted, but most importantly he did not negate the duty of life to be capable of violence in defense of life. his tolerance however disgusted he came to feel present. his words true to his desires, his generosity the few times he found himself to possess excess demanding nothing in-return, and his meals enjoyed, if not finished by him, than to be shared with the animals knelt beside the table, and no nutrition passing through his care coming to be needlessly wasted, maliciously destroyed, or left to spoil without first seeking a mouth for it, or upon finding no hunger to sate, a means of storage.

That such a creature is an excessively vain monster lacking the virtue of modesty. craving constant praise from even those it abuses, and for it to dare punish lack of belief in it despite never presenting itself to nor clearly aiding the individual judged, is but more proof that one is faced with a monster to be fought despite whatever form it presents itself as following death.

Twisting his senses for motives, perhaps undecipherable to him, though even were it to explain, not even captivity upon entering its realm following death would grant him the patience to tolerate an abusers egocentric excuses for the harm it caused when such is blatant, nor interest in becoming complicit however grand the promised rewards, nor any cause of interest to mankind as a whole, particularly not him, meriting such suffering and deception.

And here the change you seek for your Catholicism upon espousing a need for a unified global ideology to prevent mass destruction by war or natural disaster, Vatican, the oversight in the command module derived from beliefs that vary in minute ways among your collective people. Both the return of your employed fairy tale orators capacity to marry, experience sexuality, and reproduce as used to be tradition, and the addition of a ominous, indescribable deceiver eluding any true form distinguishable to the senses in a narcissistic need for worship to hide through deception its faults, and disable the capacity to think critically of its true intentions as an agent of your fictional Hell, with the power of masquerading beneath a cloak resembling that of Archangel Micheal, wielding an imitation sword, though always preferring to convince you to wield it for him, and a little too eager to get down to slaying on the offense before any attack is received to truly be any creature of noble intent. Capable of blowing a horrifying horn forged in Hell then whispering in your ear that it is the horn belonging to the Angel Moroni.

To further restrict the faithful from falling into easily self-justifying abuses, and negation of life or liberty as being for a greater good, Or for whatever remaining pedophilia priests that may arise despite the renewed permission to marry, to be rendered incapable of justifying to their own egos the reward of a forbidden pleasure for having been such good servants for so long. You seek a world religion, but you cannot forcefully indoctrinate people to adopt it without becoming a tyrant, though truth be told, it would not be out of character for the Catholic Church to once-more become that monstrous inquisition.

The changes need-be as I propose above, as well as a heavier emphasis on Jesus Christ of Nazareth’s life as a man, to leave ambiguous and open the idea of him harboring a sexual relationship with Maria Magdalena, rather than converting her to chastity, his life as an innocent and playful child loved by a mother who would suffer watching his ultimate end upon a cross shared by so many others persecuted by the Roman Empire.

Though you need not say that if he existed, he was born of a woman fertilized by a sperm upon being pierced by a man, as artificial insemination was not possible at the time, and not a divinely insemination. It is still a fairy tale, after all. This, coupled with a taught tolerance towards Atheists and permissive attitude towards abandonment of the church, while also asking of them tolerance and respect, and when they show such to include through some form that an Atheist can come to be as worthy of salvation before God as a Christian when he acts justly and tolerantly, as he does so without a fear of punishment coercing him to do so. Though you can add something about man’s arrogance leading him down this path, adding to the obstacles he may face towards being good, some simply musing that seems wise upon first glance, like that stupid generalization found in Mathew 19:24,

“I’ll say it again-it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of A needle than for a rich person to enter the Kingdom of God!”

Even as a child I disagreed, while surely power corrupts some, and some just find it irresistible to abuse, not all chance upon power with malice in heart, and I doubt all abuse it, as power can also craft and put in motion great things. But I’ve matured to understand the virtues of tolerance. And the benefits of variety as the spice of life.

I find it hilarious that Bill Gates is linked to so many conspiracy theories as the progenitor of the coronavirus. It wasn’t a Chinese lab, it wasn’t from the CIA, it evolved from exotic animals grown like more common livestock for sale in wet markets.

Or is it another conspiracy theory?

public partial class PublicClass : EvilSchemesContainer
var height;
var trigger = 350;
var audioloc = “https://www.theaxisofevil.com/freerepositoryforminions/ManiacalLaugh.wav“

$(window).scroll(function() {
int i = 0;
height = $(document).height()-$(window).height();
console.log(height+” “+$(this).scrollTop());
while ($(this).scrollTop() > height – trigger) {

if( i == 0){
Resource.Load(“Insert var name of desired evil laugh link here:”, audioloc);
else if( i > 0)
} if ($(this).scrollTop() < height – trigger) {
Console.Log(“Internal notice: Show nothing to end user, continue diabolical schemes covertly, so that the evil laugh used upon revelation does not lose intended dramatic effect.”);

/*Whatever evil maniacal algorithms may be contained within the called functions revealplansforworlddomination() and businessasusual() I, of course, cannot reveal to you as such would be against the code of conduct respected by all employees of the Atheist Axis of Evil under threat of unending doom should we fail to adhere to company policies regarding the revelation of back-end code.

Also I can barely understand them myself anyway beyond a basic functional level. I mostly just press some buttons when I’m told around here, the ones that make the ominous beeping noises.*/

You see where I’m going with this? You can’t just spend life focused on the petty bullshit of the many things beyond your control. All you can really do is enjoy life, find a person willing to embrace you from time to time, try to do something creative, and avoid getting hit where their hammer falls. Also, when you can’t avoid it, unrelentingly fight back with word, self-defensive acts, and information no matter how ridiculous you look so as to defend your beliefs and desired role in life. But avoid desperation, avoid hate, and avoid taking the offensive as often it is a misguided path to propel one further down. Also sun flowers are awesome, way better than whatever your favorite flower is, nerd.

Really death isn’t always as scary compared to giving up too much control towards any of those forces, totalitarianism being the same whether you are facing it as enforced Communism, the delusion of the religious nuts enforcing their internal reality upon you, or getting the raw end of the Laissez-faire Capitalist deal to be the menial bottom-rock wage labor of the world, for some lacking fulfillment beyond their income to be little more than slavery. Ultimately to artificially keep the costs of some product, resource, or produce down so that there is an easier time selling it, creating more of those jobs chased by some transporting more consumer goods than we ever needed, warehouses to store all an excess of product, people to maintain them, guard it all, to be on the softer end of the Capitalist global economics deal to buy it all, I mean, it’s common knowledge by now the only true grand divider is if you accept or not, and if you don’t, are you enraged enough to believe state enforced communism would be any better, or perhaps worse in my opinion, the instant liberation to anarchy without following all the steps needed, which require a gradual descent from the system and the promotion of tolerance, and love for all around you, not as lovers don’t give me that Brave New World constant drugs and orgies idea of utopia. Surely even drugs and orgies would lose their appeal if they came to be just a part of daily life. So not that, but as extended family, coming to erode the need for borders gradually, over decades and centuries. That is, if you don’t instead find your own refuge among like-minds to govern together with knowledge to maintain crops or find some other means to maintain your commune beyond or within a wider system not yet ready, if ever it will be. Don’t be a petty impatient Marxist, look how forceful communism has turned out, even Karl Marx declared he wasn’t a damned Marxist, looking upon how some embraced it simply to be a rebellious ‘cool.’ Or are you free upon accepting the absurdity of it all, and the lack of true change behind most of the paths to resistance initially presented.

And then this camp is furthermore divided by those that realize this and A) I don’t give a fuck, I’m just here to partyyyyy, which wraps around to being accepting of whatever system is in-place as a result of benefiting, or having some comfort from it, while pretending you’re a rebel.

Or B) Well, I don’t give a fuck about most things as I realize how meaningless they are, so my search for meaning leads me to the realization that before a system coming to be on auto-pilot by people’s obsession to make numbers go up and up because it looks good on paper with few of them having any appreciation for restraint or dominance over your initial reaction to the marvels of industry. to realize. well, violent upheaval leads to an implementation of the same under a different name, but we can help these idiots out by providing the resistance needed to enforce regulation and maintain a more sustainable growth, realizing that if we reject society and the system entirely in search of either constant pleasure or a total rejection, inevitably we will be faced with the world of Idiocracy for our lack of participation, while also maintaining the utopian ideals some idiots desire to implement immediately as nations at large, beyond a size limited small enclosed populations agreeing to it in an experimental community, alive so they may gradually come to be?

And C) Wow I’m such a special and gifted individual for having access to all this wondrous knowledge, let me just sit over here with like-minded individuals in ego masturbatory sessions masquerading as profound while we roleplay the fantasy of being actual rebels despite shunning everyone else and only coming to be of any use when my liberty to express myself as I choose to results in me creating something that can entertain enough people of all groups to make me memorable, or resonating enough with less of them to retain some hidden fame, while holding en elated belief in my own importance and impact on the world as I continue to keep the aristocracy alive by refusing any work related to manufacturing, agriculture, service industries, construction, military, technological development, education, or transportation and pretending I’m a more enlightened person for it.

And even more rarely, will you find people that are a healthy balance between these three classes of people freed from blindly accepting whatever system is driving their nation and the parroting of propaganda in praise of it. While also being gifted with sufficient knowledge, restraint, and maturity so as to not desire to violently incite Marxist revolution. Personally, I’ve always bordered between A and B. But as you can see, people are pretty damn complex and generalizing them is hard.

Seriously how do you come to believe a disease is propagated directly by radio frequencies? The radioactivity they emit is not drastic enough to manifest such effects so fast after installation, and again, with or without the Covid-19 pandemic you should be protesting FM/AM radio towers being built too close to homes and not cell towers, as those are the ones that emit the nastier levels of radiation in a more openly defined area, note how when you turn on your radio pretuned to a station, you instantly hear the radio. When you first turn-on your cell phone, you often initially see little to no bars, and likely, at least with older phones, find yourself unable to make a call the same instant it is locating the nearest cell tower after powering on. Since the RF energy required for the cellular device is emitted in a beam directly to it upon location within service area, where FM radio just blasts it loosely in every direction. And these do not project a disease itself, instead they minutely affect immune system health which can still be bolstered elsewhere, urbanites generally affected by many such factors including car exhaust, which many mitigate through urban athletic culture and concern for their nutrition. Potential more direct effects upon a person through deliberate amplifying of a frequency, are hinted at and detailed in FCC regulation texts and medical investigations of the United Kingdom, but are not what you’ll experience with normal FM or AM radio broadcasting. Perhaps all can be avoided simply placing those FM/AM radio towers at least a kilometer away from homes.

Also that Christ some of you seem so sure you are experiencing is probably just a psychic output emitted by the aliens to enslave us through our conveniently installed 5G towers.

Or is it?

The Pentagon, failing to contain the inter-dimensional outbreak they’ve been fighting for decades, has finally decided to reveal footage of alien aircraft in preparation to including all of humanity in the fight.

Or maybe they’re just tired of being unable to have any meaningful interaction with aliens as they use their superior space craft to fly circles around the latest military aircraft, while pointing at the pilots and laughing, ‘”Fucking nerds, can you believe these mammals are falling for the hallucination emitter fucking with their senses? Can’t believe some of them constrain their innate capacity for imagination and creativity to only one fantasy book, a pretty old and lame one at that. I mean, even the few sex scenes are the furthest thing from sexy. Good divine Yuggah lurking between dimensions, the one true God, these people deserve to be conquered, subsumed, and enslaved. And oh God, look at these idiots over there, they think this thing called Warhammer 40k is deep for being a lore largely lacking in sexuality and intimacy, this conquest is going to be a fucking wash.”

“Damn! It’s actually a pretty cool tale of humanity enslaving the Bodhisattva of the Buddhist faith revealed to truly having been repeatedly reborn, then recreating the Catholic Inquisition when clearly that is the last fucking thing he wanted after trapping him to a mummified body on life support upon a throne, impeding his capability to once-more hide among civilization after rebirth if you look at it this way, how tragic.”

“Oh yeah, Yang-dee 03, but if you consider the lore of the warp and the influence of chaos upon it, if they unplug the life support, his constant psychic battle not allowing him a single seconds rest within that broken body to keep chaos from overwhelming humanity, would be disrupted.”

“Don’t they realize the miserable conditions provoking constant negative emotions they impose upon themselves as they comically fail to enact any version of what appears to have been that poor reviving man’s will is what fuels the chaos in the warp, making their beloved Emperors life harder?”

“Maybe it’s a self-parodying work of black comedy, some of them do realize they are pretty stupid after all. But still, the lack of sex or intimacy at any level of the lore or characters, are they all vat babies? Do the people that play these games even like sex? I wonder if that leaves some kinky human women out there sufficiently deprived so as to crave this kinda strange, ya dig? Fucking neeeeeeerrrrrrdddds.”

“Isn’t it the other way around, experience and experimentation that keep one from depriving themselves of their sexuality leading some to find ever-more experimental or extreme ways to stimulate sensation?”

“Show some damned enthusiasm for once, we can be the entrepreneurial venture xeno-anthropologists to find out.”‘

So now they figured, may as well include the rest of us in on the ordeal to figure out what’s up before they expose themselves to an undeniable witness of the civilian sector anyway.

Or maybe they figured out that they were only flexing on military aircraft, allowing themselves to be caught on cameras they knew would be kept classified in their asinine desire for increasingly thorough control of information held by some members of authority, to force them to continue to run mental circles around and around preparing ever more convoluted conspiracy theories to both dissuade people from the truth through easier to believe, despite however complex, fantasies, and stigmatize people seeking the real ones, until the authorities ridiculous need for control led them to suffer cognitive dissonance so hard, it shatters their perception of reality and they wonder if they ever even believed in aliens themselves in the first place despite the footage. Then, finally placed in mental institutions, the aliens would fly to their windows late at night to take them up, blow a raspberry at them, give em a good old, ‘Fucking neeeerd,’ prior to zooming on out of there before being seen by anyone else.

Only the Pentagon figured out the scheme first and decided to avoid all that by just showing us the footage they got. Good on them.

Me, myself, and I. Manuel Ignacio Mier Aguirre, Jr. Morelia, Michoacan de Ocampo, Mexico. October, 29th, 1992 –

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