Anarchism and Socialism Wikipedia Backups

The power of bots detects pages related to socialism, anarchism, and the history of labor movements on Wikipedia are repeatedly being deleted? Have no fear, this SJW has one right here for you should The Man come to tell you some lies about it having anything to do with violence or forceful property redistribution (hint, it doesn’t.

Socialism = equal rights, regulating bodies adhering to equal rights present in the administrative entities composed of representatives from all related sectors. Which can be practiced through public shares composing part of a private entity. Does not mean equal ownership of property nor equal ownership of the means to produce, but it does mean equal opportunity to attain those means and right to education.

Communism = equal property distribution and is icky, dumb, and a fantasy utopian ideal in large scale globalized society. Feasible in small agrarian societies without resorting to authoritarianism, and only there.

Marxism = using people as means to an end just like capitalism, ironically, to break capitalism. Also sucks.

Anarchism = equal rights to sell one’s own products or to live off one’s efforts practicing subsistence farming and hunting sans any help or leaching off the system in small communities, and the right to defense of one’s own rights. Totally epic.)



Additional links regarding the history of socialism in the United States and the word being made scandalous as a political and business tactic:

Remember it was all a ruse taking advantage of the Soviet Union’s practice of toxic communism turned toxic genocidal Stalinism during the Cold War led by the United States of America to eliminate from the public dialogue not only the radical offshoots of socialism led to Marxism in hopes of implementing Communism forcefully, leading to violence and hate, but also any peaceful or thoughtful opposition to unregulated capitalism based in the history of knowledge and social movements that gave you national parks, a second day off on weekends aside from the Sabbath, women’s suffrage (A fancy way to say political representation and the right to vote!), the right for a boss soliciting sexual favors from an underling male or female not to be considered acceptable or normal, the right to be paid in actual money instead of vouchers to exchange for goods from the same company you work for, the right for people of different origins and skin tones to have equal treatment under the system, the right to a workday limited to something that allows you a few hours free and a full-nights rest, additional free days off as holidays like labor day, lunch breaks, cigarette breaks, and much more!

The only true social and most profound of political divisions is found in socioeconomic differences, race, sexuality, gender, personal tastes and preferences, or religion coming after this grandest of dividers while also being of great, and even equal importance when it concerns gender, race, and sexuality.

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