The good, the bad, and the ugly of artificial intelligence usage today.

How A.I. Is Making It Easier To Kill You, New York Times, 2019.

Living In The Age Of A.I., Wired, 2019.

The Rise of AI, Bloomberg, 2018.

It’s hard to find any relief in the fact that facial recognition A.I. has difficulty identifying individual faces of darker skin tones, considering the possibility of it coming to be used to facilitate the elimination of entire groups of people with darker complexions with no concern for any one of them in particular. With the European Union abandoning any concern for regulating the use of facial recognition technology in public spaces, with Russia coming to implement A.I. to operate the entirety of an individual main battle tank, even with accidents already reported provoked by driver-less vehicles driven by artificial intelligence, it’s hard to remain optimistic about the field that once used to put stars in my eyes.

Where one would hope technology could be limited to providing ever-more capable and competitive artificial opponents for our games, to assisting in research and the diverse medical fields, to be used in heavy manufacturing, agriculture, for business management, and even to assist the guidance systems of a military forces weapons providing a human remains behind the trigger, it is increasingly becoming perverted to that which simply holds control over and inspires fear in the human soul.

Every technological advance inevitably comes to be used for both bad and good, seeing as how technology is but an extension of our natural appendages and our capacity for creativity and knowledge, which is as varied as the different men and women around the world are, and as destructive or creative as each of their individual ambitions. I hold the opinion that weapons development, and artistic development, are the two areas of industry most intimate to the human experience, even coming to intertwine in the art of the argument, of shows of intimidating force or deceit, and the creation of propaganda through the use of symbolism, all other areas coming after or in response to it, and ultimately coming to be a part of it.

T-800 killer robot model from the film Terminator 2: Judgement Day, 1991.

How A.I. Is Making It Easier To Kill You, New York Times, 2019.

Living In The Age Of A.I., Wired, 2019.

The Rise of AI, Bloomberg, 2018.

Published by Manuel Mier

"The future's uncertain and the end is always near."

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