Asi es la pinche raza

The Chichimec, who would capture and torture you and disfigure you in times of war, but would not maim you or leave you without limb as such was against their honor. Who would much rather hunt boar and compete for buffalo with the Northern tribes, and continue to make ceramic pots and ovens, as well as cook upon them run the desert free wearing his jewelry of thread and feather believing he could fly.

The Aztec who would betray you on a whim for gold and silver, who would fool you so deeply one minute you’d have the deal of a lifetime, the next you’d be in their pozole, who could ambush you like no other in the dead of night and early hours of the morning to take you or your loved ones. Who would much rather drink pulque, smoke the finest marijuana and chew the finest cocaine plants, and continue to control the flow of water and currency, and play his stupid ball game. And to create their stupid penile compensation towers to sit on top of full of scary gargoyles for they were not so scary themselves, having to create fancy uniforms for ‘Eagle troops’ with fancy awards and rewards for slave captives taken.

And the Purepechan, who would murder and rape, but murder and rape only when they found it to be just. Who defended his volcano with fervor, as it was his smelter, and it would spit upon him precious obsidian and leave ores in the ground for him. Who could instill so much fear in his enemy of his military strategy and tactics that the enemy could come to believe he sees through the sun as his God Curicaveri, sun lord married to the Earth god Cuerapueri which granted him metals of her heart to slay as her hand. We were quite happy to thrust you into our volcano if you pissed us off so that your blood would be within our obsidian blades. And to chase the Aztec instigators back home to cut their tongues, make a taco out of it, and go, ‘Mmm, taco de lengua,’ for being such goddamned liars. And to cook them over her steam vents, where they were too hot to be our saunas, and go ‘Mmm, te gusta comer gente, ¿pues que tal Azteca ahumado? And would much rather create the prettiest jewelry of metal, feather, stone and thread, and be free to fish and farm.

And the Spanish pirates, who came to ally with the Aztec tribe in their shared love for capitalism and slavery, and the Roman Catholics, who taught them all forgiveness lacking in their ruthlessness, many feeling so much guilt over it, and united most strongly with the Chichimec and Purepechen tribes.

And that was the tale, of the Triad in Mexico. And the Americans, and the Europeans, who returned us to our worst against each other for their profit and created the Zeta of misplaced Mayan and Taironan warriors tribe to act as their own hand.

Published by Manuel Mier

"The future's uncertain and the end is always near."

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