To be conquered by the Vikings.

Your women would be raped, but so would your men.

And as your woman was tied down or held down, she would be inspired by the sight of a Viking woman doing the same to you, were you would only submit her.

The Viking woman would slice the tongue of the vanquished enemy that would not service her blonde hairy cunt, would slice off the cock of the defeated enemy who could not harden to fuck her as she wished.

And the vanquished woman, already with Viking seed within her, would often leave you, and walk away, so that she may equally be a Viking warriorress and enjoy in the conquest, or at least her sons and daughter may be.

We were already among the most ruthless and treacherous, the Romans taught us forgiveness and guilt, the Spanish pirates taught us mercantilism and capitalism, the Vikings have taught us feminism. Do they need to do it again?

Published by Manuel Mier

"The future's uncertain and the end is always near."

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