The Brain’s Identity Is a person not the culmination of their memories resulting in a personality identified by outward characteristics? Is that not effectively the soul, and what a person is? I honestly don’t think anyone should be vying for brain transplants, the potential abuses, for Invasion of the Body Snatcher-esque shenanigans, is all-too-real. And horrifying.Continue reading “The Brain’s Identity”

A Shoe Stuck In The Mud, Shadowrun fanfic

A short Shadowrun fan-fic I’ve wrote in the span of a few days. Ultimately, I decided to conclude on a rather callous albeit humorous tone, of the many paths I could have taken this exercise, as the world today is bleak enough as it is. Since the nature of fan fiction is that one writesContinue reading “A Shoe Stuck In The Mud, Shadowrun fanfic”

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