Mind Control

You can brainwash yourself. We do it passively all the time. You can use symbolism, much like capitalist system does, for good or bad, to empower, or to deceive and debilitate. It is easier for those raised religious, even when they adopt Atheism such as myself. You can study Buddhist, and ancient religions such asContinue reading “Mind Control”

My Ire With The United Nations

United Nations interventionism as a thing should be eliminated, blue helmet ‘peace keepers’ retired or assimilated back into their home country’s armed forces. United Nations refugee camps are often a hotbed for religious indoctrination, where little save for religious institutions seeking impoverished recruits with no other options left, undergo that formation, only to instigate religiousContinue reading “My Ire With The United Nations”

The Taliban

One must remember as the United States strives for peace with the Taliban, wisely so, that the Taliban are not the continuation of the Mujahideen as I once thought so. The Mujahideen fought against Soviet influence empowered by both captured Soviet weapons, and key American weapons such as the Stinger man-portable Anti-Aircraft launcher, but wereContinue reading “The Taliban”

Why Vietnam Is My Favorite Asian Country

For thousands of years, both Vietnam and Japan have a wealthy history of resistance to the Chinese one world dream, against the Qing Dynasty that empowered itself trading with the European countries, at first possessing the best technology, the first firearms, fireworks, and cannons, before the Chinese in their wealth became complacent and stopped, forContinue reading “Why Vietnam Is My Favorite Asian Country”

To be conquered by the Vikings.

Your women would be raped, but so would your men. And as your woman was tied down or held down, she would be inspired by the sight of a Viking woman doing the same to you, were you would only submit her. The Viking woman would slice the tongue of the vanquished enemy that wouldContinue reading “To be conquered by the Vikings.”

Asi es la pinche raza

The Chichimec, who would capture and torture you and disfigure you in times of war, but would not maim you or leave you without limb as such was against their honor. Who would much rather hunt boar and compete for buffalo with the Northern tribes, and continue to make ceramic pots and ovens, as wellContinue reading “Asi es la pinche raza”

Genetic Theory About the Persistence of Mafias in Governing Civilizations

In the 1200s to 1300s, the Mongols sexually assaulted almost a third of the world or threatened them with such that they’d surrender without violence to pay taxes to be under their protection. Naturally, many alive today are diluted descendants of Mongol warriors, who naturally play at Mongolia. The human spirit is therefore, so dualContinue reading “Genetic Theory About the Persistence of Mafias in Governing Civilizations”

To Spit On The Grave of Mao Zedong, eternally.

The beauty of history is that it allows you to judge twice a book by it’s cover once the actions it unleashed have been revealed. One need only look upon a portrait of Mao Zedong to realize what he was, a wealthy, wanna-be aristocratic, fat oligarch advocating for austerity for his people, for fear ofContinue reading “To Spit On The Grave of Mao Zedong, eternally.”

The land belongs to those who work it.

You turn socialism into a taboo word, and suddenly you have capitalists selling your military trucks they can’t fix themselves without sending them to a corporate approved sales point and shop, and you have tractors the farmers can’t fix without doing the same. You know what defends against that? Socialism in a governmental system, theContinue reading “The land belongs to those who work it.”

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