'What is white mans guilt?'

It refers to, or at least how Jean Baudrillard puts it, he being the one who formally defined the concept to me, be the loss that the intellectual and aristocratic class feels upon realizing the culture and possibilities that were destroyed post conquest, being members of the empire that committed the act themselves, that representsContinue reading “'What is white mans guilt?'”

'We begin bombing in 5 minutes.'

https://time.com/4501670/bombings-of-america-burrough/ ‘We begin bombing in 5 minutes.’   – A joke by Ronald Reagan, off the record audio recording, 1984.          “A new poster had suddenly appeared all over London. It had no caption, and represented simply the monstrous figure of a Eurasian soldier, three or four metres high, striding forward withContinue reading “'We begin bombing in 5 minutes.'”

A better strategy to foreign intervention.

Often the first barriers to international cooperation are our more primordial walls, our tribal instincts developed through the different languages we speak and customs we practice. Mexico is a country with diverse groups of interest operating within, even isolated the armed groups from the unarmed activist or religious movements, it is still important to distinguishContinue reading “A better strategy to foreign intervention.”

Briefly On The Abuse Of Information Technologies By Institutions In Power

Propaganda campaigns, once only capable of affecting entire populations to varying results and sometimes unexpected, unintended effects, are now capable of targeting individual minds via social media and screens, without them being forcibly or deceitfully indoctrinated at a secluded or hidden site. This is facilitated by an abuse of technology I am not entirely opposedContinue reading “Briefly On The Abuse Of Information Technologies By Institutions In Power”

Efectos Actuales y Potenciales de Nuestra Era by Manuel Ignacio Mier Aguirre

Puede que tenga imagenes y hasta video en tiempo real de cada rincon del mundo al alcanze de unos pocos movimientos de los dedos sobre un teclado, pero el optimismo que una vez dominaba el zeitgeist popular por que esta convectividad traera como byproducto una misma conexion y cooperacion hacia la paz entre naciones yContinue reading “Efectos Actuales y Potenciales de Nuestra Era by Manuel Ignacio Mier Aguirre”

Destruyendo las falsas noticias del mito sobre una colusion Iran-narco

Reposteando aqui, porque r/mexico de reddit, esta abusando el filtro de spam para eliminar esto cada que se publica. Los narcos más ricos incluso están huyendo a las naciones del primer mundo, y propagan noticias falsas tanto en inglés como en español para hacer creer a la gente que existe una colusión entre los delincuentesContinue reading “Destruyendo las falsas noticias del mito sobre una colusion Iran-narco”

Destroying The False News Of An Iran-Narco Collusion

The version of this post in Spanish has been removed from r/mexico twice by abusal of the spam report system by criminal trolls. The richest narcos are even fleeing to first world nations, and propagating false news both in English and Spanish to make people believe that there is a collusion between Iran and Mexico’sContinue reading “Destroying The False News Of An Iran-Narco Collusion”

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