My Ire With The United Nations

United Nations interventionism as a thing should be eliminated, blue helmet ‘peace keepers’ retired or assimilated back into their home country’s armed forces. United Nations refugee camps are often a hotbed for religious indoctrination, where little save for religious institutions seeking impoverished recruits with no other options left, undergo that formation, only to instigate religiousContinue reading “My Ire With The United Nations”

La Incomformidad Con El Estado

Lo que encuentro mas escalofriente sobre el pensamiento grupal que algunos encuentran en redes, es la predisposicion por muchos, mayormente hombres, quienes observo en linea descaradamente insultando al movimiento feminista, o entrando en posturas exageradamente defensivas sobre el graffiti en via publica. Hacer esto sin tomar en cuenta que es lo que se esta combatiendo,Continue reading “La Incomformidad Con El Estado”

Asi es la pinche raza

The Chichimec, who would capture and torture you and disfigure you in times of war, but would not maim you or leave you without limb as such was against their honor. Who would much rather hunt boar and compete for buffalo with the Northern tribes, and continue to make ceramic pots and ovens, as wellContinue reading “Asi es la pinche raza”

Tsé, the history of the Purepechen tribe.

You are the only woman foreign to Mexico I will ever love for I do not trust them, and I met you in my innocent youth. And whether I succeed or not you are the mother of Mexican socialism in me.For things I had learned in my youth through post-modern eyes and black humor hadContinue reading “Tsé, the history of the Purepechen tribe.”

La distincion entre Ultra Izquierda y Ultra Derecha

Ultra derecha, aquellos quienes quieren someter a todos a sus opiniones y teologias, a practicar el sexo a su manera. Y la ultra-izquierda aquellos quienes desean la libertad maxima para pocos a costo de todos los demas. Llega a ser lo mismo porque, como los Nazis lo hicieron literalmente eligiendo sus racistas para los camposContinue reading “La distincion entre Ultra Izquierda y Ultra Derecha”

An Ode To The United States

You were truly the hero once, you inspired us all in this hemisphere to shake the reins of the monarchy and adopt democracy, to style our insurgencies after your own which fought against the British Crown, as you yourself, and your leaders, were inspired by the revolutionary works of French philosophers and the words ofContinue reading “An Ode To The United States”

The land belongs to those who work it.

You turn socialism into a taboo word, and suddenly you have capitalists selling your military trucks they can’t fix themselves without sending them to a corporate approved sales point and shop, and you have tractors the farmers can’t fix without doing the same. You know what defends against that? Socialism in a governmental system, theContinue reading “The land belongs to those who work it.”

The FX-05 Xiuhcoatl

‘Xiuhcoatl was considered to be the nahual, or spirit form, of the Aztec fire deity Xiuhtecuhtli. It was a lightning-like weapon borne by Huitzilopochtli. With it, soon after his birth, he pierced his sister Coyolxauhqui, destroying her, and also defeated the Centzon Huitznahua. This incident is illustrated on a fragment of broken sculpture excavated fromContinue reading “The FX-05 Xiuhcoatl”

NARCO-POLITIK: Who Is Behind the Mexican Drug Cartels? – By Dean Henderson — RIELPOLITIK

Source – – “…When Falcon was arrested in 1975 he said he was working for the CIA and that part of his drug proceeds went to fund Latin American counter-revolutionary groups. FBI documents revealed that the CIA had been trying to destabilize the government of Mexican President Luis Echevarria due to his nationalistic stance […]Continue reading “NARCO-POLITIK: Who Is Behind the Mexican Drug Cartels? – By Dean Henderson — RIELPOLITIK”

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