On ‘rape culture’ of Latin America and perhaps beyond

Neither men nor women have their cases investigated without bribery in many cases. Even when they do, even for a crime as vicious as rape, evidence can get destroyed in the hands of some police departments in collusion with corrupt officials or criminals themselves shielded by money. As happened to an ex-girlfriend of mine, plentifulContinue reading “On ‘rape culture’ of Latin America and perhaps beyond”

Do Revolutions Begin From The Top Or From The Bottom?

And must they always be violent? Or could a peaceful revolt enact more lasting change? Considering the revolutions of the Americas, it could very well have been a mix. Clearly better-educated people of higher class helped mobilize and connect the frustrated people lower on the socioeconomic scale, as well as used their connections to secureContinue reading “Do Revolutions Begin From The Top Or From The Bottom?”

Community Service, Or A Tale Of Two Countries

Me, myself, and I. Manuel Ignacio Mier Aguirre, Jr. Morelia, Michoacan de Ocampo, Mexico. October, 29th, 1992 – Originally published May 30th, 2020, prior to being expanded upon due to my boredom. I’ll go out and say it, I don’t like most cops at first glance for their stern jaw and their direct seemingly ever-suspiciousContinue reading “Community Service, Or A Tale Of Two Countries”

Wandering through daydreams, skirting around conspiracy theories.

It’s how they pull you in by the ego. And because maybe, reading Thomas Pynchon is having some chaotic effect on my thought patterns. Many years later, should he face a firing squad, Manuel Ignacio Mier Aguirre will remember the distant nights when fate brought him into a stranger’s gaze of ice, quickly warmed andContinue reading “Wandering through daydreams, skirting around conspiracy theories.”

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