La Incomformidad Con El Estado

Lo que encuentro mas escalofriente sobre el pensamiento grupal que algunos encuentran en redes, es la predisposicion por muchos, mayormente hombres, quienes observo en linea descaradamente insultando al movimiento feminista, o entrando en posturas exageradamente defensivas sobre el graffiti en via publica. Hacer esto sin tomar en cuenta que es lo que se esta combatiendo,Continue reading “La Incomformidad Con El Estado”

To be conquered by the Vikings.

Your women would be raped, but so would your men. And as your woman was tied down or held down, she would be inspired by the sight of a Viking woman doing the same to you, were you would only submit her. The Viking woman would slice the tongue of the vanquished enemy that wouldContinue reading “To be conquered by the Vikings.”

Asi es la pinche raza

The Chichimec, who would capture and torture you and disfigure you in times of war, but would not maim you or leave you without limb as such was against their honor. Who would much rather hunt boar and compete for buffalo with the Northern tribes, and continue to make ceramic pots and ovens, as wellContinue reading “Asi es la pinche raza”

Tsé, the history of the Purepechen tribe.

You are the only woman foreign to Mexico I will ever love for I do not trust them, and I met you in my innocent youth. And whether I succeed or not you are the mother of Mexican socialism in me.For things I had learned in my youth through post-modern eyes and black humor hadContinue reading “Tsé, the history of the Purepechen tribe.”

A feminist appreciation of the original Predator movie, directed by John McTiernan

Predator, a movie that first graced the theaters of the United States and the world in the year 1987, is among the last great science fiction action-oriented movies to leave in its plot enough ambiguity so as to inspire one to fill the holes for oneself and derive from it their own message. Perhaps oneContinue reading “A feminist appreciation of the original Predator movie, directed by John McTiernan”

G.I. Joe: Adventure Task Force 5 Draft and Pitch

I have been working on a couple seasons worth of G.I. Joe episodes meant to instill the values of equality, ecological thinking, female autonomy, LGBTQ tolerance, ethnic tolerance, racial tolerance, self-defense, gun safety, international laws of war, democracy, interest in literature, science, mathematics and foreign languages, freedom of speech, international cooperation and transparency as wellContinue reading “G.I. Joe: Adventure Task Force 5 Draft and Pitch”

Real Season 1 Finale for G.I. Joe: Aventure Task Force 5, “The Enemy Within.”

Real Season 1 Finale for G.I. Joe: Adventure Task Force 5, “The Enemy Within.” By Manuel Ignacio Mier Aguirre, Jr. Mexican-American, of Mexican nationality. And Humanist Taoist-Atheist, aspiring Sikh practitioner. Ace, flight helmet cradled at his side, donning his flight suit of the United States Air Force, with an additional G.I. Joe: Adventure Task ForceContinue reading “Real Season 1 Finale for G.I. Joe: Aventure Task Force 5, “The Enemy Within.””

The Truth

TRUTH IS: some of your false ecological movements actually mean you get cleaner lakes, and get to keep some of your forests, while cutting more of ours down for cheaper produce and finding who is stupid enough to become the worlds dumpster for your trash. And driving the Monarch Butterfly to endangered status as youContinue reading “The Truth”

United States 2020 Elections

You ask me who should win? Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump. Bernie, because it would be interesting to have an actual Socialist in head of the United States, and not a Communist like my president is showing himself to be at least to some. Marxism is harder to define as good or bad, as aContinue reading “United States 2020 Elections”

Covid-19, sobreviviendo el apocalipsis

Originally posted on Solifugae: Preocuparse ante todo por la salud del sistema de inmunidad. China esta muy expuesto porque ademas del smog que afecta su salud en centros urbanos, los chinos son de las poblaciones que mas fuman cigarro, y también el hecho de que en algunos de sus mercados de alimentos o medicamientos…

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