‘How do you teach someone who isn’t willing to learn?’

Some introspective musing provoked by a thread on r/AskReddit: By showing them how they could benefit from it, by benefitting yourself and maintaining the invitation open in some way. But some people, as said elsewhere, well, they do have to be broken down but this needn’t be hostile though it may, it can also beContinue reading “‘How do you teach someone who isn’t willing to learn?’”

Introspection fueled by an introduction to Bayesian thinking.

https://qarchli.github.io/2020-06-30-bayes-thinking/ This page is a Godsend to me as I am. Both full of new information, and more thorough definitions of things I’d already identified about myself. Details I must keep in-check as I shed previous coping mechanisms and attempt to replace them with healthier ones, and just about everything else wrong with me.Easy toContinue reading “Introspection fueled by an introduction to Bayesian thinking.”

Wandering through daydreams, skirting around conspiracy theories.

It’s how they pull you in by the ego. And because maybe, reading Thomas Pynchon is having some chaotic effect on my thought patterns. Many years later, should he face a firing squad, Manuel Ignacio Mier Aguirre will remember the distant nights when fate brought him into a stranger’s gaze of ice, quickly warmed andContinue reading “Wandering through daydreams, skirting around conspiracy theories.”

The Brain’s Identity

https://academic.oup.com/cb/article-abstract/26/1/95/5741762?redirectedFrom=fulltext https://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/human-head-transplant-spinal-cord-nhs-chrysalis-bruce-mathew-canavero-neurosurgeon-a9256841.html Is a person not the culmination of their memories resulting in a personality identified by outward characteristics? Is that not effectively the soul, and what a person is? I honestly don’t think anyone should be vying for brain transplants, the potential abuses, for Invasion of the Body Snatcher-esque shenanigans, is all-too-real. And horrifying.Continue reading “The Brain’s Identity”

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