To be conquered by the Vikings.

Your women would be raped, but so would your men. And as your woman was tied down or held down, she would be inspired by the sight of a Viking woman doing the same to you, were you would only submit her. The Viking woman would slice the tongue of the vanquished enemy that wouldContinue reading “To be conquered by the Vikings.”

La distincion entre Ultra Izquierda y Ultra Derecha

Ultra derecha, aquellos quienes quieren someter a todos a sus opiniones y teologias, a practicar el sexo a su manera. Y la ultra-izquierda aquellos quienes desean la libertad maxima para pocos a costo de todos los demas. Llega a ser lo mismo porque, como los Nazis lo hicieron literalmente eligiendo sus racistas para los camposContinue reading “La distincion entre Ultra Izquierda y Ultra Derecha”

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