The Two Evils

The two evils: The doing bad for bad, being explicitly only hate, fear based on lies, or profit as a motive, and the incapacity to do bad for good and thinking oneself capable of leadership, as an incapacity to do bad for good strips oneself of the capacity for authority, though if one recognizes such,Continue reading “The Two Evils”

'What is white mans guilt?'

It refers to, or at least how Jean Baudrillard puts it, he being the one who formally defined the concept to me, be the loss that the intellectual and aristocratic class feels upon realizing the culture and possibilities that were destroyed post conquest, being members of the empire that committed the act themselves, that representsContinue reading “'What is white mans guilt?'”

Anarchism and Socialism Wikipedia Backups

The power of bots detects pages related to socialism, anarchism, and the history of labor movements on Wikipedia are repeatedly being deleted? Have no fear, this SJW has one right here for you should The Man come to tell you some lies about it having anything to do with violence or forceful property redistribution (hint,Continue reading “Anarchism and Socialism Wikipedia Backups”

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